Types of Criminal Justice Degrees

One of the problems that most people have when it comes to picking a major or a career path is that none of the choices really seem all that appealing to them or that they all seem boring. Then there are other majors that can’t help but be interesting. If you are looking to get a masters in criminology for example, you can expect that you will learn about some very interesting things along the way. You will learn how to really get into the mind of a criminal which might be a little intense for some, but something that should never be boring.

Most people get criminology and criminal justice confused. If you have ever thought about getting a masters in criminology then you should definitely know about the difference from the beginning. Criminology is basically the study of behaviors and the thought process of a criminal. This can help law enforcement officers to better understand the thought process of a criminal which can help them to do their jobs better. Criminal justice on the other hand is more focused on the law side of things and how a criminal will be tried or punished after being found guilty. While they share some common themes, they are definitely different subjects altogether.

As for making things interesting you will always be learning about new and sometimes strange things. People going for a degree in criminology may have to study past cases to really understand a criminal’s motives. This might even include a trip to a jail to talk with the criminals themselves and find out more about what makes them tick. If this sounds really off putting to you then maybe criminology is not the career path for you as it is something that you will have to do many times throughout your career. If that all sounds interesting and exciting then you should look no further than criminology as your future career today.

So if you have been looking up and down the list of majors and have been having trouble settling on one of them then you should really consider criminology as it can be one of the most exciting majors out there. We know it isn’t for the faint of heart but that is exactly the job that many people are looking for. Check out criminology today and see everything that you are missing.