Online Education Degrees Programs

Opportunities for online education courses are amazing, which is just one of the many reasons that this type of learning had become so popular.  Also referred to as “distant learning”, “internet learning”, and “online degrees”, today people can earn hundreds of certifications, as well as all level degrees from the comfort and privacy of home.  Before we get into specific online education courses, we wanted to provide a brief overview of the exact programs that reputable internet colleges and universities offer.

Degrees Available Online

  • Associates DegreeAssociate’s Degree – For this academic degree, a two-year college degree would need to be earned first.  Online education courses for a degree of this type would include basics such as science, math, speech, history, English, etc.  In addition, students would need to choose a specified number of elective credits to include general psychology, sociology, nutrient, and so on.  Again, the exact courses would depend on the career goal but overall, these online education courses remain the same from one educational institution to another.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – This mid-level college degree would be taken once a person has successfully completed undergraduate studies, meaning the completion of an Associate’s degree.  With there being so many different areas of study, we wanted to use one as an example.  For instance, if someone were interested in becoming a nurse, specific courses would be mandated.  However, even different levels of nursing would dictate the mandatory courses.  Using an RN (Registered Nurse) as an example, to earn a Bachelor of Science degree the individual would need to take a variety of science courses, as well as those focusing on management.  In addition, this degree would require the completion of at least one semester for chemistry, statistics, and English.
  • MBA Degree Master’s Degree – This academic degree is higher than a Bachelor’s degree but below a Doctorate’s degree.  Using medical imaging as an example, someone going for a Master’s degree in this area would be required to take courses such as nuclear medicine, ultrasound imaging, rehabilitation engineering, MRI, experimental statistics, computing, radiation physics, and more.
  •  Doctoral Degree – This academic degree shows one of the highest levels of academic education has been achieved.  To earn a Doctorate degree in social sciences, course requirements would include things such as mental disorders, community care, poverty and social security, social policy and administration, social psychology, political psychology of ideology, drug control, equal opportunities, determinants of psychological distress, and other similar coursework.
  • MBA Degree – As a Master of Business Administration degree, this degree is a second university degree specific to business management.  A few examples of courses for an MBA include leadership and management, empirical research, theory, human resource management, business strategies, governance, etc.
  •  Certifications – Many careers require a certification such as HVAC certification, teaching certification, electrician certification, plumbing certification, emergency services certification, healthcare certification, and more.  The online courses would vary based on the type of certification being earned but using an electrician as an example, at the core courses such as introduction to construction math, hand tools, power tools, and blue prints, as well as basic rigging, communication skills, and employable skills would need to be taken.

For each of these programs, a variety of online education courses is required.  Obviously, the higher the degree the more intense these courses can be but with the earned degree comes many incredible opportunities.  One of the many benefits of taking online education courses is that students have a much greater spectrum of options.  When attending college on a traditional campus, it is common for the college or university to offer limited courses or courses that gear toward a specific program but with online learning, people can earn literally any certification or degree from one educational institution.

Our Opinion

With so many variations, the best thing a person could do is talk to someone in the admissions office for the online college or university to determine the exact online education courses needed for the career of interest.  That way, the student would have a firm understanding of the road that lies ahead but also the incredible benefits once the degree or certification has been earned.  Because online education is so easy and the courses and programs so vast, a person could earn whatever degree wanted.