Online Continuing Ed Courses for Electricians

In order to renew your license, are you a licensed electrician required to take continuing education unit (CEU) classes? Any type of electrical license CEUs are required by almost every state, and it is necessary to check your state-specific specifications well in advance of your renewal date. That’s because the number of hours, types of courses, and how many credits are required to apply for renewal will differ in each state. The great news is that most electrical license CEUs can be done online and make it easier for electricians to follow their own schedules and meet their specifications.

What are the Electrical Continuing Education Requirements?

Again, as each state has distinct CEU specifications, there are no hard rules applicable to all 50. Most states, however, require electricians to demonstrate their understanding of modifications to the National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC is a national standard that regulates the secure installation of electrical wiring and equipment adopted in the US. Some states have standards for particular subjects, in addition to the NEC changes, such as installations, measurement, health and safety procedures, and troubleshooting, etc. Many states require a license renewal test, but there are online courses that can help you learn the review content.

Why do you need credits from Continuing Education?

Continuing education is important for renewing your license and continuing your career if you are a licensed electrician. Electrical license CE guarantees that you are up to date with the new standards and techniques of the industry. This is important as it gives faith to your customers in both your expertise and your ability to keep up-to-date with current industry trends. Continuing education will also encourage you to improve your talents, enabling you to become more successful in your profession. Online CE training will allow you to learn new skills at your own pace and time.

Having online your credits for continuing education.

While the only alternative used to be continuing education training in person, online courses are preferred today. Some states require a certain number of hours of in-person training with a teacher, but it can speed up the process by getting the other parts out of the online way. Some online courses offered that meet the CE criteria include:

  • NEC modifications

Basic Alarm Security Installations

  • Basics for CCTV setup

Commercial and Industrial Cabling

  • Services Installation
  • Electricians Project Management
  • OSHA Electrician Protection