Online Continuing Education for Accountants

Professionals are expected to be experts in their various fields. As new sets of knowledge in an industry appear, so does the importance of updating one’s knowledge base. This is the reason continuing professional education is needed and is highly anticipated by accountants since the company sector is a constantly changing discipline.

Continuing Professional Education Requirements

Each state has a different set of continuing professional education (CPE) requirements. As an example, the State of California requires at least 80 hours of instruction in three decades, with a 20-hour minimum for each year. Of this 80-hour requirement, at least 4 hours must demand ethics training, and at least two hours should be concentrated on regulatory compliance and review. The remaining hours can be broken down to government accounting, financial reporting, and audit and assurance. For the State of New York, at least 40 hours of instruction in recognized subject areas (government accounting, managerial accounting, financial reporting, audit and assurance, taxation, advisory, and regulatory requirements). An additional 24 hours of training is required in a concentrated area. In most states, instructors and people who rely on novels and self-study instructions may receive credits with a limit of 50 percent of their overall credit requirement in that area. When an accountant wants to be part of certain prestigious organizations such as the AICPA for additional certification, 120 hours of instruction spread out over 3 years will be the necessary professional training and development conventions.

Failure to comply with these requirements will bar a Professional from renewing their clinic license, which might stifle their ability to practice in various ways. The objective of continuing professional education is to be certain that professionals will continue to keep a higher level of work by learning new things about the profession and maintaining their knowledge bases and skillsets upgraded.

Online Continuing Education Resources

Since the pandemic hit, more and more items have been Converted into contact-free, online platforms, including training. Trainers are now not able to fill training halls with individuals, so online education has become a fad among professionals. Below are a few of the highly acclaimed and accredited institutions providing training and certifications related to the CPE requirement.

  1. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants  – AICPA, or the American Institute of Certified Accountants is a prestigious firm among accountants in the Usa. Aside from requiring 120 hours of training over three years for their members to renew their membership, the entrance to this institution necessitates an examination covering the broad subjects of bookkeeping. Their certificates are highly approved at state boards, which makes their training tremendously valuable to professionals. They now provide online conferences and training consistent with the pandemic, which are still highly acknowledged by government institutions. A few of their training might be priced at a greater range, but the prestige and value associated with these training make it worth the trouble.
  2. Corporate Finance Institute although not as valuable as AICPA, CFI (Corporate Finance Institute) is an acclaimed firm supplying several pieces of training in corporate finance, which is in the area of advisory services. They’ve been training accountants around the world online from the time they began. Because of this, they are quite adept at managing non-contact conventions to train their professionals. Besides lectures, they also help their professionals participate in the CMA exam, which is value-added support.
  3. Accredited Universities – Engaging in online courses related to business from accredited universities is also an alternative. As more online classes are being held, schools and universities are creating more online classes because the majority of the physical work was decreased. The certifications associated with these online courses are more affordable than most seminars, making it possible financially and physically. These classes often run at least two hours each week, with completion certificates. The fantastic thing about college online classes is that they specialize in interpreting new laws and laws related to accounting. On a theoretical basis, using a good grasp of new concepts would help in knowing how to implement these in practice. Here is a Few of the online course sites from the top universities in the country:
  4. Harvard University (Harvard Business School Online Courses & Learning Platforms – Harvard boasts of a Great business department, using a broadly accepted journal, the Harvard Business Review, and a renowned college. Having training facilitated here will include a certain appeal to someone’s license renewal and restart.
  5. New York University (NYU Online) – Being one of the greatest educational centers in the nation, NYU has a strong business program that has been shown by its graduates, with more of the alumni taking Wall Street by storm.
  6. Other online sources recognized by the state board or other associations – There are no statutes against holding online classes, provided that one is qualified. Exploring generic online courses might be more feasible than others. These are cheaper, more accessible, and occasionally, more interactive as the organizers would only accommodate a few people in comparison to other organizations. But when engaging in these kinds of training activities, it’s necessary to ask for certain certifications and credentials from the organizer. This would help ensure that the training could be realized by the state board. Someone with vast experience in the company and is quite known would be perfect. A CPA or CMA license might help in demonstrating their qualifications as a trainer. The state board is normally more worried about the learning, instead of the newspapers associated, so this option is available to people who can’t afford the choices above. It may just require more care in the proceeding.


While most people would just contemplate CPE requirements as a Requirement for keeping their permit, there’s real value in learning more every day. Searching for the Right course or training to further one’s career would create Unexpected benefits in the long run. Being kept in the loop and understanding the Current best practices will make you a valuable professional. Any option is available to anyone now, given the current world situation. Making The most out of this additional time we have is among the best things to do throughout this pandemic.