Fast Track Your Education Online

Along with the long list of benefits associated with continuing education online, it is important for people to understand what this type of learning is, who uses it, and more. Therefore, we offered some specific benefits and other key information regarding this hottest trend of learning. Thanks to the internet, gaining knowledge and expertise has never been easier or more convenient.

online educationTo begin, when referring to “continuing education”, this is any kind of post secondary education that would be used specifically for credits in maintaining a license or to acquire more certifications. Then as far as “continuing education online”, this means the same thing except courses and programs would be taken via the internet.

The great thing about continuing education online is that anyone can benefit and in a more convenient manner. With this type of education, an individual has the opportunity for personal enhancement or professional growth but from within the privacy and comfort of the home. This means people could take appropriate courses or programs to achieve a better life personally or advance in business whether involved with sectors and industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, fitness training, transportation, and so on.

Misconceptions About Continuing Education Online

While available to anyone, continuing education online is for people who already have a college degree at any level, thus the word “continuing”. A common misconception is that this means going back to college to earn an additional degree. While that is certainly one aspect of continuing education online, this option means much more. For example, anyone learning through seminars, workshops, home study programs, conferences, in-person training, or even online courses or programs, and who possesses a degree would be involved with continuing education.

Another misconception is that continuing education online or in person means spending one, two, three, or more years learning. In truth, continuing education could be courses or programs that last only a few weeks to months. When it comes to this type of learning opportunity, there is no exact duration. It is also important to understand that actual college credits would not be earned as in the case of pursing a college degree. Instead, the focus is on betterment, whether personally or professionally.

Another aspect of continuing education online important to mention is that programs or courses available to the public would not be considered as formal education. Instead, continuing education is characterized as an enhancement to education already completed. For many types of careers, continuing education is standard practice, which not only allows an individual to gain knowledge to be more effective in the job but it also benefits the company by having a more proficient employee.

Continuing Education and Business Practices

A few examples of career sectors in which continuing education is commonly seen include healthcare, dental, legal, education, law enforcement, and technology although there are many others. The common thread seen among all these and other career sectors is the need to stay abreast of modern developments, changes, and advances. Without continuing education, some people working these careers would fail because they would no longer have the knowledge and expertise needed for the job.

A prime example would be a dentist. Every year, developments are seen as to the types of procedures and equipment used. Unless a dentist was to stay educated on these changes, patients would receive outdated dental care. While the dental practice might survive a short period, patients would eventually choose a different dentist, someone with the most advanced training available.

Obviously, continuing education helps the bottom line of a business because work is performed at the highest level possible. However, along with a company benefiting, an employee would also enjoy new and exciting opportunities that come from continuing education online. For one thing, being able to further education via the internet means regular work would not be interrupted. Therefore, a person could go to work each day and then at night or on the weekends, enhance knowledge using the computer.

PhDIn addition, having the most current knowledge and expertise would open new doors of opportunity in most companies. Rather than remain stuck in one position, an employee would be able to look at other jobs and responsibilities on higher levels for the same business. Even if new opportunities for online phD degrees and online masters degrees were not available for an existing employer, having any continuing education success on a resume would make a person more marketable. That means not only more job opportunities but also the chance to earn more money.

Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that continuing education online is too easy, meaning a person could acquire college credit but without putting in much effort. Because this type of learning includes seminars, conferences, and workshops, critics believe that information being taught is not actually being absorbed to the point of the person executing it. On the other side of the coin, supporters of continuing education online believe that all options for learning are beneficial to one degree.

The great thing is that for many employees, there is no expense associated with gaining more knowledge and expertise. When first earning a college degree, a tremendous amount of money is required. Unless getting a break in the form of grants or scholarships, an individual would be required to pay for an education out of pocket or with student loans. However, when it comes to continuing education, most companies absorb the cost in that they too benefit.

Many companies now offer employees with several choices although there are two in particular. For the first option, an employee would have the opportunity to getting more education by taking courses offered on-site, whether on a conventional college campus or via extension education within the company. For the second option, an employee could complete enhanced education online. Although this could means an employee missing some actual work time, looking at continuing education long-term the payoff would be experienced by the employee but also the company so the sacrifice would be minimal.

The bottom line is that for most people, whether associated with a current career or not, continuing education online is a great opportunity. The number of people acquiring online phD degrees are increasing exponentially each year. Because some courses can be completed in a very short time while the person gains great insight, even if paying for the education personally, it would be something of incredible value.