What’s It All AboutEvent Planners

Event planning is an exciting and growing field that is garnering more and more attention all of the time. Also sometimes referred to as event planning and production, it is defined as “the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party or convention.” Event planning is a part of the hospitality industry. Event planners are therefore those individuals who are involved in this new and creative industry.

Event Planning is Everywhere

This is one of the hottest new fields around that is available to people of all ages and from all different walks of life. There are some event planners that possess a college degree in business or a related field but a college degree is not a prerequisite for pursuing this career. In most states no formal training is required at all as this is more of a job that you learn by doing. However earning a certificate in tourism and hospitality would be a plus. In fact any education or training you can take can be useful to you if you decide to break into this career.

Continuing Education Opportunities

In the same way continuing education once you have become an event planner is very much encouraged. This will ensure that you keep learning and keep upgrading your skills. It will also give you an edge over your competition. When the time comes there are online continuing education courses for event planners that you can research and sign up for. These courses can provide the versatility and convenience you need to continue to perform your job duties without the need to take time off to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Event planning is a very dynamic and lucrative career that is right for those who are outgoing and enjoy being around other people. It is also a good choice for those who have a flair for organization and like to be creative. If you have lots of energy, are not shy about promoting yourself, have an eye for detail and can do a number of tasks at once then this may be the right career path for you.

One school that offers online continuing education courses for event planners is Universal Class .The courses offered here are self-paced, continuing education (CE) online programs that will have you working closely with an instructor. You are given six months to complete this web-based program.

This online CE course will teach you the importance of networking, the major types of event planning, corporate event planner basics and wedding planner basics. You will also learn about special party and celebration event planner basics and how to start your own event planning business.


In order to receive the CE credits from this online continuing education course for event planners you must demonstrate mastery of the lesson content. You also must achieve a grade of 70 percent or higher in order to pass the course. By committing yourself to furthering your education beyond the basics of what you need you will make yourself a more valuable asset to the event planning company you work for and the hope of starting your own business will be within your grasp!