Training Options for BarbersBarber Continuing Education

Barbers are people whose job it is to cut the hair of their customers, which are in most cases men. Barbers also shave and trim their male customers’ beards if they so wish to have that done. Barbers are considered to be a part of the cosmetology profession. Just as hair stylists and others in the cosmetology field can benefit from taking continuing education courses to keep abreast of what is happening and to hone their skills, so can barbers.

History of  the Profession

Barbering comes from the Latin word “barba” which means beard. The very first barber school in the country got its start in the 1890s and was established by A.B. Moler of Chicago. As a barber the education you receive in cosmetology school is only just the beginning. You have to be willing to keep on learning, changing and updating. The industry is not about to stop moving which is why those who are employed in it must remain on the bandwagon of change and new trends!

To become a barber you must attend barber school. Barber schools focus on two main goals- the first is to provide the job skills needed to find work following graduation and the second is to prepare students for the tests they will need to take in order to get their licenses. Most states require a cosmetology license for barbers but there are some states that grant a specific license geared towards just barbers. Be aware that the curriculum and that the practical training method will vary from school to school and from state to state.

Continuing Education Options for BarbersBarber Importance of Training

Continuing education is important for barbers because it provides them with the unique opportunity to continue to develop their hair cutting and styling skills. It also helps them to learn and fine tune other aspects of the cosmetology business that they wish to become better acquainted with. Online continuing education course for barbers can teach theory while classroom instruction can deal with hands-on application and skills.

Maintaining skill levels and understanding client care are both essential elements of every continuing education program. Check over the Internet to find out what online continuing education courses for barbers are available. Some of these might come in the form of workshops or seminars. You might also want to take a look and find out about upcoming conferences and courses available at cosmetology schools in your area.

The continuing education (CE) courses you take can be used as credits towards renewing your license to practice cutting and styling hair. Some of the sample courses you will take when you sign up for CE classes include advanced coloring techniques, advanced cutting techniques and long hair styles, and computerizing your salon.

While barbers traditionally cut only men’s hair today there are women who have no qualms at all at having their hair cut and styled by a man. The reverse can also be said for men. There are plenty of men who do not mind going to a female hairdresser or stylish for a haircut or a beard trim.

Our Recommendations

Take a look at the online continuing education courses for barbers and then compare what they have to offer to courses offline. You may decide to take a combination of both types to provide yourself with all of the CE credits that you need.