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Is there anything like free online distance education? Yes and no. Want to know what I mean? I said yes because it’s available online. If you log on to the internet now and conduct a search using google, you’ll discover that there are lots of online institutions offering people like you free online distance education. This means that it does exist. I said no because nothing is free in this world. You have to pay the price before you can get anything good. In other words, there is no free lunch. It must be paid for.

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Because of the power of the word ‘free’ many institutions are using it and luring many people into what they term free online distance education. Many of the institutions doing this are online fraudsters. I believe you know them. They have a way of getting their victims. Many times I have received mails in my Inbox and bulk box offering free online distance education. I don’t normally waste time about this. I delete them immediately. I advise to the same.

If any school claims to be offering you free online distance education, kindly and politely ask them who will pay for the downloaded materials, the building and maintenance of the website, the online instructors, the certificates etc. their answers will help you know the type of school they are. The fraudulent will have no answer while the reliable ones will give you good answers.

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What you’ll get from free online distance education won’t benefit your career in the long run. This is because the certificates you’ll be issued will not only be bogus but won’t be useful for getting those good jobs you’ve always dreamt of. And moreover most employers of labour out there are very skeptical of online certificates. And they won’t waste time contacting the online school you get it from. If the school is not genuine, they won’t spend their precious time interviewing you for the job.

Once you’re sure that somebody somewhere has to pay for everything used in transferring knowledge and skills online, you won’t have detecting fraudulent free online distance education institutions.

Instead of frantically searching for free online distance education, its advisable you do comparison shopping in order to get affordable online institutions. There are online schools whose fee is quite affordable. Some exist that can even give you a loan for the duration of the program you want to enroll for. However, I urge you to consult your attorney before putting to such papers.