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your dog is saved from crisis

Are you a dog lover? Is your pet pooch the best thing ever? Do you want to go to a lovely country and have a super paid vacation, sharing an historic castle with your dearest friend? Do you dream about that perfect job? Does your dog deserve to live in luxury?

A unique project “The Dream Job For Your Dog” is going forward at a steady gait all over the world. The situation has changed. Now dogs take their owners to the trip, book rooms in the most luxurious hotels, visit paradise like thermal spas and taste the best cuisines of the Alps and the Mediterranean and even accompany their owners to the medieval wine cellars.

So, for taking the position of a castle caretaker you must have an owner, should be funny, have a lovely muzzle and wag your tail. It doesn’t matter what breed you are, what colour your hair is or what your origin is, the fact is that all you have a chance to win. 

Please apply for The Dream Job For Your Dog – http://www.petsdialog.com

For sponsorship and business partnership opportunities please send your enquiries tolord@petsdialog.com