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Watchful Software Releases RightsWATCH 5.4 with Cloud-based Rights Management and Deeper BYOD Capabilities

LIGHTNING RELEASES Medford, NJ and Lisbon, Portugal, 18th March 2014Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions, announced today it has released version 5.4 of RightsWATCH, its award winning data-centric information security solution. The key points of the newest release of RightsWATCH are the ability to support Microsoft’s Azure cloud offerings for Rights Management and Office 365, coupled with extended support for consuming RMS-protected attachments in Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

“Watchful has built a very nice solution on top of Microsoft’s Rights Management platform. Besides leveraging Azure RMS templates, the RMS App and the RMS for Individuals features, the Watchful classification and policy management extensions to the RMS server and the Microsoft Office client applications are well integrated, and provide several important features for both end users and IT administrators to help speed adoption, facilitate deployment, and protect an ever-wider array of data in the enterprise,” explains Dan Plastina, Microsoft’s Rights Management services group manager.

Among the key enhancements delivered in RightsWATCH Version 5.4 is the ability to dynamically classify information using Office 365 cloud-based services, and seamlessly leveraging Azure RMS to protect that classified information. RightsWATCH enhances the O365 implementation by providing integrated ability to classify various types of unstructured data according to the organization’s particular security governance policies, without user involvement required. “The content & context aware automatic information security policies that RightsWATCH is known for are now available in an O365 plus Azure RMS environment, as is the ability to provide audit and compliance protection through intelligent watermarking of sensitive data by adding metadata,” detailed Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Management at Watchful Software. Biscaia adds that, “RightsWATCH also allows for a complete audit trail on actions taken on classified information, enabling companies to easily be in compliance with various regulatory laws and market sector requirements.”

Release 5.4 is also cornerstone in regards to the BYOD trend sweeping the industry. In addition its leading position of providing full support of RMS protected messages across all the major mobile device platforms, RightsWATCH now delivers the ability to read certain protected file attachments to those messages. Also, RightsWATCH now fully enforces usage rights granted to a user, regardless of whether the device is online or offline (airplane mode for example), through the support of the organization’s credential caching policies. This is contrasted to solutions which must be permanently connected to a corporate server to consume RMS protected content, thereby limiting user productivity.

From the standpoint of management simplicity, RightsWATCH 5.4 enhances the organization’s ability to leverage existing Active Directory (AD) Security Groups (SG) and Distribution Groups (DG) in the management and administration of security policies. RightsWATCH streamlines the security team’s ability to set the access and usage rights over information, for every new or existing user in an AD group, either as a group or individually. This ensures that if users are removed from an AD group, that user automatically “loses” any rights over classified information that the group has, regardless of where that data may reside (even outside of the organization’s network).

About Watchful Software  (www.watchfulsoftware.com)
Watchful Software was formed in 2012 to address the requirement to protect an organization’s most critical asset after its people – its information. The company is staffed by industry executives with decades of systems, software, networking, security, and compliance experience to address the growing need for protecting sensitive and proprietary information against accidental or malicious theft, leakage, or loss. Leveraging key technologies including advanced encryption algorithms, digital rights management, and e-Biometrics, Watchful Software has developed a suite of solutions that ensure only authorized personnel have access to enterprise systems or can handle sensitive information, thereby protecting against the massive economic and competitive damage often done by cyberterrorists and information thieves.

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