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ToughguardAero, LLC Launches Operations


LIGHTNING RELEASES: Portland, OR (3/13/2014)- ToughguardAero, LLC (TGA), (www.toughguard.aero), announced today that, after extensive and successful aircraft testing, TGA’s nano-technology polymer exterior protectant is now being made available to all business, military, commercial and general aviation communities. TGA’s exterior protectant is a special formulation of HR Toughguard, LLC’s (www.toughguard.com), industry-leading paint protection system. TGA’s surface protectant has been specially formulated to resist the effects of UV exposure, high- speeds and rain erosion encountered in day-to-day aircraft operations.

TGA is a joint venture between HR Toughguard, LLC of Portland, OR, and Valor First Insurance Services, LLC of Oceanside, CA. Dan Reid, President of HR Toughguard stated that, “by combining the extensive aviation expertise at Valor First Insurance Services, LLC with the proven capabilities of HR Toughguard’s products, today’s aviation industry can only benefit from our hard-won experience and world-class exterior/interior protection solutions.”

Extensive operational testing and laboratory analysis of TGA’s exterior paint protectant – by a major aircraft OEM and an international airline – not only highlights the product’s inherent UV protection qualities, but ultimately earned the highest possible rating during arduous rain- erosion testing. Besides the luster and the ease in preserving a clean exterior finish (for up to five years in duration), operators will appreciate the reduction in recurring maintenance costs and added fuel efficiency that comes with operating a TGA treated aircraft.

Martin Boom, CEO of Boom Aviation (a TGA authorized distributor) stated “I was initially skeptical about ToughguardAero’s exterior coating system, but once we applied it on our first aircraft, it performed beyond everyone’s expectations. It is easy to work with, environmentally friendly, and keeps the aircraft’s appearance in top shape. Interest in ToughguardAero has substantially grown after the dazzling results have been showcased, now having been applied to multiple aircraft.”

TGA products are available from TGA directly, or with a full warranty when applied by trained and authorized distributors. Preliminarily available in North and Latin American markets, TGA anticipates expanding to support worldwide operations in the near future.

Contact your local TGA representative at (877) 331-0006, info@toughguard.aero or via

About HR Toughguard, LLC (www.toughguard.com)

At the core of ToughguardAero is the Toughguard product line that stands today as the best performing products on the market. Since the 1980’s Toughguard has been in use by elite customers in the aviation, marine, land based transportation, military and renewable energy industries; ToughguardAero is now bringing the proven Toughguard product line to the entire aviation industry.

About Valor First Insurance Services, LLC

Created by, and for the benefit of fellow U.S. Military Veteran’s charitable needs, Valor First Insurance Services, LLC, (www.valordealerservices.com) began operations by creating and offering hybrid vehicle service contracts and warranty services to the automotive industry.

Leveraging pre-existing and extensive backgrounds in global commercial and military aviation operations, Valor First Insurance Services, LLC entered a Joint Venture relationship with HR Toughguard, LLC to elevate the stature and awareness of HR Toughguard’s proprietary formulation within the global aviation community.

About Boom Aviation

Boom aviation is based at KSNA and provides aircraft detailing services throughout S. California. They may be reached at (714) 321-8160 or av8rboom@yahoo.com.