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This Holiday, Give Someone a ‘Ghostly’ Gift –Authorship!

(New York, NY November 8, 2013)—It is said that everyone has a story within.  Many of us would love to share our tales with the world. The motivations can  include preserving family history and leaving a legacy, telling your story to spare other’s the pain and angst of something  you endured, sharing accumulated wisdom, or—and this is especially relevant to ambitious entrepreneurs—having a book as your ultimate marketing tool.  As Jack Welch, Andy Grove and many others have found, a book extends your reputation, garners media interviews and can build a business by raising it to a higher plateau of visibility, respectability and profitability.

Maybe you or someone you care about wants to write a book, but writing is not one of their natural “gifts.”  Now it can be the ultimate gift you can give yourself or others!  Let’s say that person has a story to tell, whether it’s you…or a spouse, lover, offspring, partner, client or friend you deeply admire.  Why not give the most unexpected gift you can give this holiday season:  a ghostwriter to help them tell their story!

How do you find the right ghostwriter?  Judy Katz, a respected writer, has ghostwritten, published and marketed 32 books so far for a variety of clients, all described on her website ghostbooksters.com.  Ms. Katz also co-ghosts with best-selling author Gregory Lawrence, the author or co-author of eight books, including  Jackie as Editor: The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books, 2011).  Jackie as Editor was excerpted twice in Vanity Fair in a 10 page spread.

This holiday, Judy and Greg are offering free phone consultations to anyone who may want to consider gifting someone with a ghostwriter.  If you seriously want to consider this type of gift, take into account that you will be spending a minimum of $30,000. or more. This is a very special gift.

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut said, “In this life you get what you pay for.”  Is that true of surrogate book parenthood?  “Absolutely,” Katz concurs. “The ghostwriter has to pull a story out of the author and write it beautifully in that person’s voice. That takes great skill.   Likened to professional titles such as M.D. or Ph.D., “author” is a distinction that will follow your name forever.” 

There are excellent writers out there at varying fees.  To find a ghostwriter you can look online, ask author friends for recommendations or call literary agents for their recommendations. You can also look at the acknowledgements in a book you like, for possible references to talented collaborators.  There’s a ghostwriter out there who is just right for every story waiting to be told.  Maybe this year is the year to gift yourself or a lucky person with a collaborator who can make the dreams of a book a reality

For more on how to find a ghostwriter who’s the right fit at the right price with the right uncanny ability to help people birth their book, and how to best work with a ghostwriter (as well as tips on publishing and promotion) go to www.ghostbooksters.com.


Contact:  Judy Katz, jkatzcreative@aol.com , 212-580-8833