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The Ultimate Guide to Secure and Prosperous Life

PRESSS RELASE (8/28/2013)- A new book about the key principles and rules, adhering to and following which people can attain the secure and prosperous lives, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Secure and Prosperous Life”, has been written by international development consultant with over 20 years of experience in the area socio-economic development of transitional and developing countries.

Although there exist many motivational books and guides focusing on particular aspects of human life (such as books about how to become reach, make friends, lose weight, stay healthy, avoid certain dangers, heal particular illnesses, etc.), there does not seem to exist a book that encompasses all main aspects of living in one manuscript in a sufficiently brief form so that it is easy to navigate and to use in practice – a niche that this book purports to occupy.

The book is based on an assertion that there are few key principles, adhering to which in their everyday lives people can ensure the security and prosperity of their lives. The book begins with the definition of these principles and then proceeds to discussing the rules that follow from the principles for various aspects of individual and social life. The rules are provided for individuals, groups thereof, and countries. The book concludes with the description of the recommended international rules that the countries are advised to follow, and of the proposed enforcement mechanism for the rules. 

More specifically, the book defines the following main principles that everyone should adhere to for ensuring a secure and prosperous life:

  • Everyone should act in support of everyone else on the planet no matter who or how far away they are (“Everyone Supports Everyone” principle);
  • The establishment of and support for a family shall be taken great care of by everyone; and
  • The key principles as well as the rules of behaviour following from them need to be promoted and enforced.

The proposed rules to be followed to ensure implementation of the main principles listed above are grouped in the following major categories:

  • Proposed rules for individuals, including a series of rules for dealing with other individuals and the society in general; and the separate rules for individual in the family, including the rules for creation of one’s family and making it a success;
  • Proposed rules for social groups and countries, including the main rules on the basis of which the internal and external relations of a country should better be based; and
  • Proposed international rules, including the proposed mechanisms for rules’ adoption and enforcement.

The contents and the initial chapters of the book are provided on the project’s page on crowdfunding site RocketHub.com. Everyone interested in further details of the book and in supporting its publishing is encouraged to visit the project’s pages at the following internet address: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/31656-support-to-publishing-the-ultimate-guide-to-secure-and-prosperous-life#description-tab.

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