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“The Haruffa Project” a Worthwhile Independent Endeavor.

PRESS RELEASE (10/1/2013) – “What happens when immortals conspire to ensure an entire race isn’t destroyed?  Haruffa happens.”  The Leviathan.

A newborn child not destined to survive is blessed by the Aspects of Time, Nature and Death in the hopes of creating a finely honed weapon capable of defeating the foul necromancer Bruab and his undead legions.  With the help of his godfather the Ganomay trader known as Stinky and the Master Assassin Keary, Haruffa struggles to rise above all obstacles while pursuing the love of his life, the elusive Dee.

After the seemingly senseless murder of his parents, his life in ruins, Haruffa makes a pact with Stinky to help destroy the scourge overrunning the Ganomay homeland on the one condition that his godfather assist him in finding a member of the fabled “Citadel” to train him in the fine arts of death so he can wreak his vengeance on the “The Brotherhood” who mercilessly caused him so much sorrow.

Haruffa Tales is a dark and humorous tale of love and revenge and follows Haruffa’s quest for redemption as he races against time to destroy Bruab before the necromancer penetrates the Imperial vault and gains possession of a pair of elemental artifacts capable of destroying the world.

Ken Hautala is a Canadian indie writer who has recently launched a crowd funding campaign on rockethub.com called “The Haruffa Project” in order to create a solid foundation for his future works.  He has spent the last two years transforming a series of short stories that he created over twenty years ago, originally called “The Dark and Twisted Tales of Haruffa, Worlds Greatest Assassin” into a full length fantasy novel titled “Haruffa Tales”.

Ken spent a great deal of time shopping literary agents and though he received positive feedback he quickly realized that since he was an unpublished author he was more or less considered a “leper” in the business.  He decided that, “If I really want Haruffa to fly, I’ll have to push him off the cliff myself”.  Hence “The Haruffa Project” was born.

Recent developments in the project have included Ken being interviewed by the local newspaper, “The Newmarket Era”.  Reporter Chris Traber wrote, “Haruffa Tales story line is intriguing.” and “Who knows?  Not unlike his favorite writers, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, a signed first edition Ken Hautala could be worth thousands one day.”

It was even reported that the Haruffa Wanted poster appeared on one of the screens in New York’s Times Square.

What’s certain to boost his visibility is that the award winning British Colombia film maker, Mr. Theodore Trout has signed onto the project and is going to generously contribute a number of illustrations for the book.  Mr. Trout is the creator of the indie film “Dracula Lord of the Damned”, an award winning production that has won honours three years running.  You can check out DLOTD at thefishshow.com.

Like most rockethub campaigners Ken realizes nothing in life is free and has generously put aside numbers 1 thru 10 of only 15 signed and numbered hard covers ever to be produced for the top ten supporters.  He is also setting aside all100 signed and numbered paperbacks to be given to the contributors of “The Haruffa Project”.  There have also been rumours that if the rockethub campaign is successful there could be a limited run of “Haruffa Project” T-shirts produced thru Mr. Trout’s “Sunoverbeach” graphics but that has yet to be confirmed.

“The Haruffa Project” is a worthwhile independent Canadian endeavour and Mr. Hautala would greatly appreciate your support even if it’s only a like or share on his Facebook page.  You can find both Ken Hautala and Theodore Trout on Facebook and can also get updates from the author on Twitter @Haruffa.  The direct link is to his campaign is:


The campaign ends November 3, 2013 so please be generous and show your support however you can.