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The Afghan Mission by Stephen Knight

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/11/14 The Afghan Mission is the sequel to The Minot Mission by author Stephen Knight. It is payback time for the United States, following the Soviet Union master-minded treasonous mission to detonate a nuclear missile in its silo at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

The same main characters (as in The Minot Mission), Gerry Williams and Peter Shelby have been apprehended and dispatched to Afghanistan to assist the Mujahideen freedom fighters and Afghans to defeat the occupying Soviet Red Army.

Following their arrest by INTERPOL in Australia, after being trained in black operations by the CIA, their payback mission takes them to Pakistan, the very remotest parts of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union and China.

It includes leading disruptive violent rebel raids into Uzbekistan, being imprisoned for several months in an Afghan prison and attempting a perilous escape through the highest mountains in the world.