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Tax Expert Shares 2013 IRS Tax Forms That All Filers Need For the 2014 Filing Season

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/12/14 — Traverse City tax expert Frank Ellis is at it again, and has just released another important piece of information that all tax filers need as they navigate the current 2014 tax filing season. This time Ellis has posted information about and the links for all the 2013 IRS tax forms that individuals will need when they file their taxes.

According to Ellis, “It’s more important than ever to get the tax forms to the public because this year, due to the recent government shutdown, everything has been delayed. When taxpayers have the right forms they can begin preparing their taxes and have everything ready when the government starts accepting returns.”

As always, the first thing Ellis does is explain to the general public what he is writing about and why. This particular article begins by explaining the types of forms people will need, starting with the all important W-2 form. From there, Ellis educates his readers on the difference between the various forms including the popular and much used 1040 form and instructions.

 The IRS form 1040 is for people who have more than the basic 1040EZ return, you can find this document in plenty of places including your local post office. You can also download the forms from the internet, and you can get the forms from the IRS, however, the 1040 forms are already supplied by online providers such as TurboTax.

An important section of this article deals with the form 1099, which is becoming more widely used since it is the form used to report earnings when individuals are self employed or have high interest from bank accounts. The modern economy has led many to earn extra income as freelancers and thus the 1099 is more important than ever. Not understanding the 1099, or leaving it out of the return can lead to a visit from the IRS and significant penalties.

Ellis wraps up this latest article by reviewing some of the other common forms taxpayers use such as forms for charitable deductions, energy expenses and earned income tax credits. Of course, throughout the article there are links to the actual forms so taxpayers can get started on their returns right away. 

The tax form information and the links to the various IRS forms can be found by visiting Ellis’ page at http://www.examiner.com/article/federal-income-tax-forms-for-2012-2013