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Tax Expert Reveals Free Tax Refund Calculators for 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/12/14 — Frank Ellis, a tax expert encourages all taxpayers to use a handy tool that can make their tax refund calculation for the year 2014 easier and faster with the use of an online tax refund calculator. This handy tool by Turbo Tax helps taxpayers determine if they are going to have a tax refund or paying money out. The tool can be used by taxpayers for free.

The Turbo Tax TaxCaster Calculator is a widely known and used calculator that allows taxpayers estimate their tax return free of costs. It employs a user friendly interface that displays the tax refund amount on the right side of the calculator.

It also updates itself automatically once users enter information. TurboTax refund calculator offers a list of inputs and settings on its screen’s left side. It enables users to browse through the provided listings, giving them more options and cool features they can make use of when using the tool.

The refund calculator has a meter displayed on the right side of the screen that constantly calculates the information user’s put in. This is where users can see the calculation of their taxes and once it is done calculating, users can see the amount of their tax refund or the amount of tax due from them to the IRS.

Users can also make some adjustments using the calculator. This allows them to see their tax situation change as they make various adjustments.

An online child tax credit calculator and H & R Block tax calculator are also available for use. The calculators will show an estimated credit or refund amount.

Prior to the use of the refund calculator, taxpayers will be asked for necessary information needed for calculating their tax returns and refund accurately.

They will be usually asked for their filing status data, number of children in their household to begin with. It will also require of them their income or business earnings, retirement information, other payments as well as charitable deductions, if they have any.

Calculating tax refunds is made easier today with the help of a tax refund calculator online. What makes it more ideal to use is that it is easy to navigate, saves tax payers time and effort and determining if they have tax refunds or amount of tax to pay as well as it is free to use.