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Tax Expert Offers Advice on How To Find a W-2 Form Online

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/12/14 — Frank Ellis, a Traverse City tax preparation examiner recently offered some sound advice for taxpayers who want to obtain their W-2 forms online. For Ellis, the topic of whether a W-2 is available online is one he encounters often as taxpayers are sometimes confused about the availability of this most important tax filing document.

As Ellis explains, “Many companies have partnered with professional services to make all of their payroll information available online, and the W-2 form is part of that. It is important that taxpayers know if their companies do this, and if so, where they can find their W-2 before filing taxes.”

According to Ellis, firms have moved in the direction of online access because it makes it easier for their employees to file their taxes, especially if they are using online tax preparation software like TurboTax. When everything is online, it is easier to simply download the information directly into the software and file without paperwork.

In a very informative article, just published in time for the 2014 tax filing season, Ellis details the benefits of finding a W2 form online. First and foremost is the fact that online access cuts down on the possibility of missing a W-2 that is mailed to a wrong address or to an address where the employee no longer lives. As Ellis points out, in the modern economy, individuals move and/or change jobs frequently and being able to find a W-2 online helps them obtain and keep track of the information they need during tax time.

Other benefits of obtaining a W-2 online, according to Ellis are that they become available well before a taxpayer would receive them in the mail, the taxpayer receives instant notification when they are available and they can be filed electronically to cut down on needless paperwork. All of these things make the tax filing process move faster and the ability to get a refund in a taxpayers bank account that much sooner than waiting for a w2 to arrive in the mail.

Ellis is a prolific writer and commentator on all things related to taxes and his full article about online W-2’s can be found at http://www.examiner.com/article/where-can-i-get-my-w2-form-online-for-2013-2014