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LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/23/14- Book 2 of the SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA was released to an eager audience earlier this month and within just days the book moved into the top one percent of sales on Amazon.com.  SWEET HOME ALLE BAMMA, by Dale C. Musser, continues the story introduced in Book 1, BATTLE OF THE NEW ORLEANS, by adding closure to many of the first story’s events and introducing new mysteries, characters and challenges that carry the reader into the next adventure. 

The story develops rapidly when Tibby and his crew are enlisted to assist in the delivery of solbidyum to the planets of the Federation.  Attempts are made to steal a shipment and the Federation prepares a trap at the Planet Plosaxen; however, before they are able to spring the trap, Tibby and Kalana are both poisoned by Brotherhood operatives in yet another of Admiral Regeny’s martial arts demonstrations. 

Tibby’s Earth DNA proves to be stronger than the poison and he recovers quickly; but Kalana is quickly succumbing to the toxin and has to be placed in stasis to prevent her death until an antidote can be found. 

Tibby soon learns that an antidote does exist and it can only be found on the remote planet of Alle Bamma, a non-aligned jungle world on the fringe of the Federation territories. He abandons Admiral Regeny in the Federation’s plan to ambush the Brotherhood at the planet Plosaxen, in order to race to the jungle planet with his crew aboard the space yacht, NEW ORLEANS, in search of the rare ruguian eggs that are required to make the antidote.

He arrives at Alle Bamma only to discover that the Brotherhood has established bases and drug labs on the planet for processing the illicit drug called God’s Sweat and that they have enslaved the indigenous peoples to harvest and process the drug. In order to save Kalana, Tibby and crew must defeat the Brotherhood, free the natives, find the ruguian eggs, and deal with a mysterious god entity called Thumumba.