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Surrey Economic Summit $ 1 Million Failure prompts calls for ” Hockey Mom” Julie Paskall’s sister to run for Mayor

SURREY BC. Lawrence Wilkins.The senseless murder of 53 year old Julie Paskall rocked the community of Newton, Surrey, but Julie’s sister-in-law Joan Ross, hopes the tragedy can be a catalyst for positive change, she hopes that comes from people of Surrey.”I think that people need to take back their power” said Joan Ross. Hockey Mom was beaten in what police believe was an attempted robbery on December 29, 2013, while picking up her son from Newton Arena. She died in hospital days later. Paskall is survived by her husband Al, their 16 year old son and two adult daughters. ” We can’t take back Julie’s death, but we can take back the meaningless nature of her death”, said Ross. I’d really like to empower people on a personal level, on an individual level and every person has something, they have something that they can give. Ross sees the community energized and she hopes that energy goes in a positive direction.

The annual Surrey Regional Economic Summit, held on February 27th, in Sheraton, Guildford, heard the three former international Prime Ministes, who described the shock of facing the 2008 global recession and how it served as a teaching moment moving forward. Former prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak, Julia Gillard 9 Australia) and George Papandreou ( Greece) addressed the paid audience of 350, during the Surrey Summit. Texas Oilman Boone Pickens lectured the profits of fossil fuel, while Speaker Shauna Sylvester on formulating business policies.

Former Mayoral Candidate Vikram Bajwa, described the Surrey Summit as paid by Surrey Taxpayers, to the tune of  $ 1 Million dollars, with the City of Surrey listing as an expense of $ 419,000, paid to London Speakers Forum, for Sir Richard of Virgin Airlines, in 2013. Amy Jordan a student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, could not see any fruitful conversation at the Summit, when Financial mess of 2008, was discussed by CKNW Bill, ‘ Its all available on Google for Free, why should I pay $ 500 to hear their stories on losses”, said Amy.

Former Mayor of Surrey, on condition on anonymity, urges Julie Paskall’s sister in law Joan Ross, to contest as Mayor against Dianne Watts, in the coming Municipal elections in November 2014,to make a tribute to Julie and change Surrey, “to empower people on a personal level”.Ross believes the attack was drug related and has a message for those responsible and change in City Hall, is the only answer.

Mayor Watts has failed to provide security in Surrey, by being adamant in not, issuing a proclamation on establishing a ” Ward System”, in Surrey, which could assist RCMP in policing the city and fair distribution of economic balance.

RCMP can be reached at 1-877-551-4448 and crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 for any tips.