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Sukhbir Badal urged by US & Canada NRI’s to Investigate Encounters in Punjab

Vancouver BC Canada: Sikhs For Justice vs Badal, case has brought back the Human Rights violations, cases in Punjab, between 1980 and 1995. NRI Sikhs who have settled in United States and Canada, are always up in arms against the “State Encounters”, during which according to Wikileak documents proclaim an estimated 250,000 people were eliminated in Punjab, termed as the dark period of history by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

During this time Punjab police officials reported “encounters” to local newspapers and to the family members of those killed.The victim was typically a person whom the police believed to be a militant or involved in the militant separatist movement; proof of alleged militant involvement was rarely given. Such encounters have also been referred to as ” staged encounters” or fake encounters, as these deaths were often believed to be the result of torture or outright execution. Ultimately, the practice became so common that “encounter”, became synonymus with execution. The Punjab police specifically targeted the families of suspected militants in encounters killings to punish them. Punjab Media, Congress and Akali Dal Badal, members were associated with the information shared between these encounters and the families involved. Due to fear of the Punjab police, very few Journalists had the courage to report “executions” by “Dirty Harry’s” of Punjab, under DGP.K.P.S.Gill, Governor Siddarth Ray, even the Akali Dal was silent on these matters, due to the fear of “encounter specialists, who were promoted in a rapid pace, within the Punjab police.

Indian Media, outside Punjab, never bothered to report as it was termed Anti-India, also they were in complete control of the Center Government, unlike at present times, where they need news for both their financial needs and for their professional TRP’s. There were a few NRI Media Journalists outside India, who could not take up the challenge due to their unprofessional ethics.

Gurinder Parmar  26 years old UBC Student of Vancouver, with a major in journalism, has sent a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir SIngh Badal, who holds the Home Department of Punjab, to Re-Open, Investigate all cases of “Encounters”, between 1980 and 1995, challenging him on his Sikh Religion and convictions of the younger generation in Punjab and in Canada. “We will welcome you to Canada, if you can initiate the proceedings, before you come to Vancopuver”.

Gurinder specifically mentions the role of present DGP Sumedh Singh Saini, who joined as IPS in 1982 and progressed to serve six districts as (SSP), a prominent figure in 1980s and 1990s, in the efforts to maintain law and order in Punjab, who was described as “Dirty Harry” of Punjab, who inspired fear in those whom he seeks to bring to justice. His methods have attracted complaints and caused him as CBI linking him a prime suspect in the alleged disappearance and murder of three men. Gurinder futher elaborates, statements of close friends of Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, whom these police officers, provided security from their opponents, during these “Militant times”

Sikh Foundation, director Dr. Rajwant Singh, on the basis of former police officer’s and the victims families, concerns urges Home Minister to issue a formal  list by Punjab Government, irrespective of Political affilitions, of the ‘Encounters of Punjab”.