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Sukhbir Badal, ask M.P.’s, NRI’s, retract Khalistan Support in Canada, USA, UK- Vikram Bajwa, IOC

Written by: Vikram Bajwa

Calgary Al. PBD, Parvasi Bharitya Divas, will be the beginning of sea changes for NRI’s and their participation in India Politics, economy and education. Ministry of Overseas India Affairs, will inaugurate the PBD, on Tuesday January 7, 2014 at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi. PBD will be addressed by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, President of India Dr. Pranab Mukherjee honoring NRI’s with the Parvasi Divas Awards, who stand for the integrity and security of India.

Overseas BJP, celebrated Parvasi Divas at 11 Ashok Road Head Office, highlighting the promises for NRI’s in  the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. Punjab Government has made arrangements on similar agenda for NRI’s, with Sukhbir  Badal, President SAD, repeating the promise of establishing Special Courts for NRI’s, in Punjab with a Punjab Govt. NRI card, issuing Rs 5 Lakh ( $ 10,000) Life policy compensation to be ( provided if the NRI dies in an accident or natural death in Punjab, India Only).

Indian Overseas Congress who has been spearheading a campaign for Non Resident Indian’s, advising the UPA Government, including State Governments on NRI affairs, feels it is too late and too little for Sukhbir Badal to plan or promise special courts, which he has been since last 7 Years. Even Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh failed to assist the NRI’s in their right demands.

Indian Overseas Congress executive and members from USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, S.Africa, Australia in their meeting in New Delhi, stress the importance of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, be proactive in the issues and concerns of NRI’s especially ” when world is a global village” said Aftab Hussein Secretary S.Africa.

 We have seen over the years NRI politicians in Foreign countries escalating “Bash India”, policy on the Human Rights issue, with cases against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, in USA. ” I want to ask Sukhbir to ensure a pledge to boycott khalistan propaganda by all NRI Delegates, attending NRI Sammelan, in Anandpur Sahib on January 10th, to stop India/Punjab bashing in Canada, USA , UK and Australia”, said Vikram Bajwa, president of Indian Overseas Congress, who has been personally invited by Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Vyalar Ravi, to PBD-2014, for discussion on NRI Affairs in USA and Canada. Vice President Radha Krishnan, presented his thoughts for Kerala Govt., to invite NRI’s to envision Kerala as “Dubai” of India.

‘Let Sukhbir investigate the credentials of all NRI delegates by his DGP S S Saini, before issuing Punjab NRI cards to them, irrespective of their affiliation with NGO or Journalism. Tim Uppal M.P., Bal Gosal M.P., Manmeet Bhullar MLA, Lord Diljit Rana, should all be asked to take a pledge in Anandpur Sahib, on the issue of khalistan in Canada and U.K., said Daljit Singh of England.