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Stress-free Discipline author Judith Bonner returns to Close-Up Talk Radio

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/28/14 — Imperial Beach, CA – According to James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, the average father spends only 15 minutes a week interacting with his child in a quality way.

Unfortunately, children don’t develop self-discipline through osmosis. Studies have shown that delinquent behavior begins with parents who don’t invest enough time engaging their children. It’s up to parents to provide that discipline, to set boundaries and establish consequences for their children’s behavior.

Judith Bonner is the author of Stress-free Discipline, an authoritative guide for parents seeking effective ideas for raising their children. The book teaches parents how to appropriately discipline their children through a long-term plan for bonding and personal growth.

“Discipline is hard work,” explains Bonner. “What I’m proposing is hard work for one month until you develop the appropriate habits. Once you build a relationship, you can begin setting expectations and reward every step in the right direction.”

For parents who dread the idea of discipline, Stress-free Discipline gives clearer insight into how to strategically raise children. Stress-free Discipline helps parents develop a more responsible leadership style, offering a path to creating an interactive, adoring, loving family.

“That kind of happiness only happens when your skill level as a parent matches the task set before you,” says Bonner. “Once you have love built up, children are willing and motivated to make changes, and as the child grows, the parents grow.”

The solutions found in Stress-free Discipline are simpler than you may expect. It simply requires a mindful commitment. Bonner recommends starting children on her program in the second grade.

“What I see happening with people is they are growing and it’s that growth that I’m most interested in,” says Bonner. “This was a labor of love. If I can impact anyone in a positive way I’m proud of it.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Judith Bonner in a four-part interview with Jim Masters on April 1st at 3pm EST and April 8th at 2pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on April 15th and April 22nd at 2pm EST.

Listen to the show www.blogtalkradio.com/closeuptalkradio. If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Stress-free Discipline, visit http://www.judithbonner.com