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Storja Tech To Offer Free Cell Phone and Internet Service Beginning With The United States

LIGHTNING RELEASES: NEW YORK (2/19/2014)– Storja Tech will begin to offer free Internet and cell phone service plans in the Continental United States beginning in 2015.  Due to recent advances in product development they will be able to provide these services without utilizing the existing infrastructure.  The business model at Storja Tech is not being reported at this time, but they do not plan to capitalize on advertising opportunities.   

Storja Tech is a technology firm that has recently made advances in Internet access capabilities; that they plan on distributing in the next several years.  The services they offer will provide free access to the Internet and cell phone plans at much higher speeds that are currently available. 

Media Contact: Thomas Baker, Storja Tech, 917-310-1805, info@storjatechnologies.com