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Storage Guardian Announces New Pricing for Penny Backup

PRESS RELEASE: Toronto, ON (11/15/2013)– Storage Guardian is pleased to announce new pricing for its Penny Backup SOHO and residential software solution.

Penny Backup, believed to be the only Canadian-owned and operated platform offering a subscription-based model, is now being offered at a fixed cost of $29.99 per year, based on a maximum data set of 180 GB, which translates to roughly 16₵ per GB.

There are no licensing fees and no maintenance fees.

“We are operating in increasingly competitive times both in terms of available solutions and price point for the SOHO and residential backup and restore marketplace,” says Dave Minns of Storage Guardian.

The platform is primarily for single-workstation businesses and residential users running PC or Mac desktops, but extends itself to the SOHO market as well.

“There are several good platforms that effectively provide similar levels of security and ease of use. Penny Backup is pleased to be able to offer this world-class solution at a price that is not beyond the reach of any single workstation business or home user. It’s fair to say that many people spend more every week on coffee than a whole year of critical data backup with Penny Backup.”

Penny Backup, based on the Asigra consumer licensing of DS-Client software, allows users to define their own retention and backup policies, uses up to 256-bit AES encryption both while the data is in transit and while it is stored in Storage Guardian’s state-of-the-art data center with SAS 70 Type II certification.

About Storage Guardian

Storage Guardian is an affordable, feature-rich, online data backup and recovery service that enables companies large and small to protect and recover data from disaster safely and quickly. Storage Guardian’s new VDR (virtual disaster recovery) service provides secure online backup and recovery for virtual environments, making their customers’ data available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our secure cloud. Storage Guardian is suitable for small, midsize, and enterprise-wide, multiple-platform, virtual and LAN computing environments.

For more information on Storage Guardian, contact:

Allan Weiss

Storage Guardian

647-428-5827 x 5327