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Storage Guardian Announces Cloud Backup for Salesforce.com

PRESS RELEASE (12/2/2013)- StorageGuardian adds cloud backup and restoration capabilities for Salesforce.com.

Storage Guardian is pleased to announce the ability to back up and restore Salesforce.com as part of its latest cloud backup software solution, giving Salesforce.com users increased security and full control of their data.

For the growing number of businesses that leverage Salesforce.com for their customer relationship management needs, Storage Guardian has effectively eliminated the need to have multiple backup solutions to handle data that resides outside its data center.

“As with our recent announcement regarding Google Apps backup support, Storage Guardian is excited to add Salesforce.com to our growing list of supported enterprise SaaS apps,” says Dave Minns of Storage Guardian.

“Storage Guardian can granularly backup and restore knowledge bases, campaigns, emails, calendars, contacts and more from within Salesforce.com, and easily retrieve any information that has been edited, deleted or corrupted.”

It also effectively ensures customers who ultimately decide to replace Salesforce.com with another CRM don’t lose their data.

Storage Guardian provides backup support to other Tier One cloud applications as well, including IBM SmartCloud and Google Apps.

About Storage Guardian

Storage Guardian is a private Canadian company specializing in providing backup and restore services for critical business data to a secure offsite location since 1999. Storage Guardian’s flagship offering is StorGuard, an affordable, feature-rich, online data backup and recovery software and service package that enables companies large and small to protect and recover data from disaster safely and quickly.

Storage Guardian is suitable for small, midsize and enterprise-wide, multiple-platform, virtual and LAN computing environments.

For more information on Storage Guardian, contact:

Allan Weiss

Storage Guardian

647-428-5827 x 5327