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Steve Stengell Provides Utica Shale Update and Status Report at the Condensate North America Marketing Congress

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/16/2013) – Steve Stengell recently presented in Houston at the Condensate North America Marketing Congress as a Utica Shale expert.  Mr. Stengell’s presentation focused on developing a model for the Utica Shale in Eastern Ohio to estimate future Utica condensate production volumes to be distributed to Canada.   This detailed presentation provided attendees with an in-depth status report and analysis of Utica operations.


Mr. Stengell and his company, Encore Energy, Inc., are currently working with industry partners to develop Utica prospect(s) in Eastern Ohio.  The investment objective is to drill and develop the Utica Shale of Guernsey County, as a transition is made into the “rich gas” and “oil” windows.  This project is located off-set to Antero Resources where Utica wells have initially tested at a rate of more than 1,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Encore has facilitated multiple oil and gas lease transactions with major Utica Shale operator(s) while planning future operations of their own. Encore recently facilitated the sale of a “shallow oil” 2,500-acre producing property in Ohio and has access to large acreage plays and producing properties throughout the Eastern US.

Mr. Stengell, and his team at Encore, are also participating in the potential acquisition and development of large conventional oil and gas operations tracts in Kentucky and Ohio. The company has recently signed agreement(s) with certain private investment group(s) for the purpose of potentially developing these projects for the long-term.

As the former President CEO of Allied Operating Texas, Mr. Stengell and his team drilled and developed the Wallrath #1H horizontal Woodbine well located in Leon County, Texas.  The Wallrath #1H produced nearly 60,000 barrels of crude oil in its first year of production.

The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine released a feature article about Encore Energy, Inc. and Steve Stengell’s professional experience, http://www.aogr.com/index.php/magazine/editors-choice/experienced-executives-form-new-companies-to-find-oil-liquids

For more information regarding Encore Energy, Inc., please visit  www.encore-energy.com or via e-mail at info@encoreenergy.com

Disclaimer:  Oil and gas exploration involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty.  The information herein may include forward-looking statements for illustration purposes and the actual outcome may be different than originally projected. No assurances can be made as to estimates, timelines, etc.  This is not an offer to buy or sell a security.  An offer to buy or sell a security can only be made by a private placement memorandum and this is not a private placement memorandum.