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Steve Stengell MBA and Encore Energy, Inc.

Steve Stengell is President CEO of Encore Energy, Inc. and specializes in oil and gas lease acquisition, production acquisitions / divestitures, the Utica Shale play of Eastern Ohio and projects throughout the US. 
Encore has facilitated multiple transactions with major Utica Shale operator(s) and conventional operator(s) in the Eastern US.


 Encore currently represents ~20,000 acres of the Utica Shale, conventional oil projects and large acreage positions across the Eastern US.  Mr. Stengell and Encore believe that the next big “boom” is going to be the application of horizontal drilling and completion technology applied to shallow conventional oil formations throughout the US.  A mini-boom of horizontal activity is already evident in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

As the former President CEO of publicly traded E & P Company with 50+ employees, Mr. Stengell supervised operating companies in Texas, Oklahoma and achieved annual revenue of $27 million, while providing audited financial statements and transparency to the investor.

Mr. Stengell is responsible for horizontal discoveries in the Georgetown Buda and Woodbine Sandstone, including the horizontal Woodbine Wallrath #1H in Leon County, Texas that produced nearly 60,000 barrels of crude oil in its first year and Georgetown Buda wet gas discoveries off-set to the Apache Corporation in Grimes County, Texas.

Mr. Stengell facilitated the placement of ~$50 million of private capital in projects throughout the US. Mr. Stengell has extensive investor relations and SEC compliance experience for private and public investors. 

Mr. Stengell was the recipient of the Bowling Green “2010 Business of the Year” Community Impact Award and 

completed the 2004 IPAA Harvard Executive Management Program and the 2006 Texas A & M Petroleum Engineering “Reserves and Valuation” Graduate Certificate Program.

  The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine released a feature article about Encore Energy, Inc. and Steve Stengell’s industry experience, www.aogr.com/index.php/magazine/editorschoice/experienced-executives-form-new-companies-to-find-oil-liquids

Mr. Stengell participated as an expert speaker at the 2013 Utica Shale Congress in Ohio and is scheduled to speak at the North America Condensate Marketing Congress in Houston.

Mr. Stengell holds a bachelor degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics and an MBA from Western Kentucky University Gordon Ford College of Business. 

Mr. Stengell resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife and children.

If you are an industry investor and/or participant, and would like to find out more about Encore’s available oil and gas producing properties or drilling prospects in the Eastern US, please contact Encore via e-mail at info@encore-energy.com or directly at (270) 842-1242.

Note:  Oil and natural gas exploration, development and production involve a high degree of risk and uncertainty.  This is not an offer to buy or sell a security.  An offer may only be made by a prospectus, and this is not a prospectus.