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Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Wake Up To Branding With Crash Course By Los Angeles Brand Strategist, Marketing Copywriter, Brand Development & Company Naming Consultant Scott Silverman

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/24/2014) – Los Angeles start-ups, budding entrepreneurs and small business owners got a leg up courtesy of an eye-opening, interactive presentation delivered by brand strategist, company naming consultant and award-winning marketing copywriter Scott Silverman.

On Monday, March 10, students enrolled in the SIPA (Search to Include Pilipino Americans) course for aspiring small business owners were treated to a ninety-minute introduction to small business branding by Scott Silverman, brand consultant, marketing copywriter and founder of Articulated Brands® (http://www.articulatedbrands.com), a Los Angeles brand development, copywriting and company naming agency that specializes in putting big business branding techniques to work on behalf of small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Hosted in SIPA’s multipurpose room at their facility located at 3200 West Temple in Downtown Los Angeles, the talk was designed to stimulate brand thinking as these future small business owners develop their business plans and prepare to carve out their unique place in today’s competitive marketplace. The branding for small business presentation included anecdotes from his marketing and advertising client experiences, extemporaneous remarks and creative examples of elevator pitches, unique selling propositions and taglines formulated on the spot by Silverman, a Q&A session and a PowerPoint presentation that featured both key brand marketing concepts as well as examples of winning company naming and company taglines, websites, print ads, brochures and tradeshow one-sheets from his twenty-year portfolio of brand development work.

“Trying to condense two decades of brand-building experience into a single 90-minute session was a bit of stretch,” says Silverman, “but my hope was to at least start a creative fire with my fellow entrepreneurs.”

“Far too often,” the brand strategist and veteran freelance marketing copywriter adds, “small businesses think branding is only for large companies, something we’ll address after we’re successful, but that’s way too late, and, for the vast majority, it’s why that day never comes. But every successful entrepreneur and every expert salesperson knows:  the day you begin thinking about creating a business is the day you want to begin thinking about how you’re going to create customer connections.”

For small business owners, as well as CEO’s and marketing directors at larger corporations, Mr. Silverman says his more business-minded approach to brand development is firmly rooted in the time-tested fundamentals of marketing and sales.

“It’s what everybody expects from their branding initiatives,” concludes Silverman, “but precious few branding agencies and branding consultants are actually engineered to deliver the strategic business development advice today’s businesses need and want.”

Brand strategist Silverman was selected to speak by the program’s organizer, Anna Marie Cruz, a former Nestle employee who discovered Articulated Brands® website and found a perfect match between the firm’s message-centric branding® approach to accelerating business development and her students’ needs to rapidly surmount the business learning curve.

“We’re a very ambitious, close-knit and supportive group here,” says small business specialist Cruz, “so the students and I really enjoyed Scott Silverman’s down-to-earth manner, his candor, warmth and wit, and, of course, his vast experience and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.”

With a focus on brand discovery, brand strategy and brand development, the self-effacing veteran brand positioning consultant and award-winning copywriter encouraged the individuals in attendance, just as he counsels businesses of every size and industry, to take a deeper look at what makes them uniquely valuable and to elevate those truths and celebrate them in their positioning and their messaging.

According to the philosophical Silverman, “Regardless of niche or small business specialty, when it comes to increasing leads, increasing customers, increasing revenues and increasing market share, we are, all of us, in the same business.”

“My purpose,” states the pragmatic brand strategist, “is to direct the attention of business leaders’ at very level, from the start-up to the Fortune 500 game-changer, back to one simple but undeniable fact:  the more intensely we focus on that most fundamental aspect of our business – how we create target understanding and target excitement — the faster we grow and the further we go.”

Included in the seminar were such topics as:  creating deeper, more profitable target connections, how to craft an effective elevator pitch, the importance of memorable company naming, how great company taglines provide both internal and external focus, why logo design shouldn’t be approached as a simple art project, and why positioning constitutes the cornerstone of authentic website design and website development.

“From basics such as accounting, finance and funding to business plan writing and marketing, we’re exposing small businesses both inside and outside of the Pilipino community to a vast array of topics to give these budding entrepreneurs both the skills and the support everybody needs to succeed in business,” says Cruz.

“With such an exciting introduction to the fundamentals of branding,” adds Cruz, “I know Silverman’s presentation will influence the thoughtfulness, power and effectiveness of the group’s marketing for many years to come.”

For more information on SIPA’s small business outreach programs, you may contact Anna Marie Cruz directly at (213) 382- 1819 x125 or you can visit the Search to Include Pilipino Americans website:  http://www.esipa.com.

To learn more about brand consultant and marketing copywriter Scott Silverman, you may contact him directly at (310) 826-8518 or visit his brand development and copywriting agency at http://www.articulatedbrands.com.