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July 2013

Spokane, Wash. — In the age of specialization, who would have thought of special seasonings designed to enhance the taste of a baked potato?  One enterprising entrepreneur has done just that with the introduction of his Spud Spikes® Gourmet Potato Skin Rubs and Everyday Seasonings.  Leon Frechette, of Spokane, Wash., has taken the potato to new heights, not only with his potato seasonings, but with his food-grade 100% stainless steel Spud Spikes® Potato Nails.

Spud Spikes Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning is now joined by Pepper and Garlic blends to round out the seasonings lineup.

The seasonings not only enhance the meat of the potato, but create a delicious, crispy potato skin.  The seasonings contain no MSGs, artificial flavors or colorings.  Their unique spice blends and zesty flavor make the entire potato enjoyable to eat.

To bake the ultimate potato, Frechette recommends lightly spraying olive oil over the entire potato, followed by a gentle sprinkle of seasoning.  Bake or grill the potato until its meat is cooked and the skin is crisp—and enjoy!  Spud Spikes Potato Seasonings isn’t just for potatoes; sprinkle it on brats and sausages and use as an all-around flavor enhancer to liven up corn on the cob, soups and salads, eggs, steamed vegetables, steaks, chicken, chops, fish, burgers, ham and even pizza.

Spud Spikes Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning:  Frechette’s unique blend of natural sea salt, herbs and spices enhances the flavor of a baked potato and helps create a delicious, crispy potato skin.  It also adds a zesty flavor to meat, steamed vegetables and corn on the cob.

Spud Spikes Gourmet Pepper Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning:  This special blend of pepper varieties will heat up the dinner plate.  It also kick-starts the flavor of barbecued steaks, pork and poultry with a flavorful taste of hot pepper.

Spud Spikes Gourmet Garlic Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning:  A favorite among garlic lovers, this intense blend gives great flavor to garlic bread, salads and vegetables.  It’s a masterful blend of garlic seasoning to enhance the dining experience.

Spud Spikes Gourmet Potato Skin Rubs and Everyday Seasonings come with helpful potato-baking instructions.  A three-pack set, which includes one of each of the Spud Spikes Seasoning Blends (net weight 3.2 oz. each), plus instructions, retails for $22.99.  It also makes a great gift!  To learn more about Spud Spikes products, visit http://www.spudspikes.com.

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Media Contact:

Leon A. Frechette

C.R.S., Inc.

1011 E. 29th Ave.

Spokane, WA 99203-3221

P: (509) 926-1724; F: (509) 624-9701

E-mail: crs@spudspikes.com

Website: http://www.spudspikes.com