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Spanish Agent, An Erotic Spy Thriller

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/13/2014) – Spanish Agent, follows the love and the turmoil of the relationship between Holly and Talin. Holly undoubtedly loves Talin, but her insecurities lead her to several trysts with young and older men. Talin, a lawyer, is recruited by the CIA. He flubs his first assignment, a simple conveyance of a young woman to a helicopter in northern Pennsylvania. Instead, the young woman felles and eventually drowns in her attempt to escape. Nonetheless, Talin is charged with recovering a microchip in southern France which he accomplishes with ease. He is now sent to Salamanca, Spain where a plot against the west is brewing. He makes the acquaintance of Aitor, a Spanish convert to Islam, who is recruited as part of the plot to blow up, it is thought, the American Embassy in Madrid. Aitor, however, canot stomah the idea of killing indiscriminately and is lead to help Talin in uncovering the tru nature of the plot, which, in fact, will take place in France. In the meanwhyile, Aitor’s daughter, is taken captive by the Islamists in an effort to enure his cooperation.

The final taut chapters of the novel deal with Talin’s attempt to decipher the meaning of the terrorists’ actions, undo the plot and free Aitor’s daughter.

It also deals with the unraveling of the intense relationship with Holly. Can they overcome their past indiscretions? Can Talin bring down the terrorist gang and save many, many lives in the process?