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SmarTest LLC Announces 14.5 Gb/s Programmable Pattern Generators and Bit Error Rate Test Instruments for Fastest Time-to-Test Results

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/10/2014) – SmarTest LLC today announces four new innovative test & measurement products targeting the high-speed optical transceiver R&D and manufacturing markets. These include single channel and four-channel 14.5 Gb/s Programmable Pattern Generators and equivalent channel count Programmable Bit Error Rate Testers.  

These bench top instruments are some of the smallest available, saving valuable room in crowded workspaces, and allowing them to be moved and shared easily. They also represent high channel density, with four channels packed into a package no larger than a hard-backed book.

All models offer a built-in low jitter, full-rate clock synthesizer with full rate and divided clock outputs, enabling a self-contained solution and minimizing cabling. The BERT systems also includes Clock-Data Recovery (CDR) functionality allowing a single connection and fastest time-to-productivity.   

Instruments are architected to facilitate higher channel-count test systems with a proprietary expansion bus for synchronization and control via a single remote PC controller.

These disruptive products offer a unique combination of pristine signal quality, high channel count and the lowest cost per channel on the market.

“We were approached so many times by customers who felt that BERT systems weren’t meeting their needs or budgets, these people were the inspiration for our new 14.5 Gb/s precision test instruments” said Federico Lipparini, General Manager of SmartTest LLC. “Now they can be set up and testing faster, with an affordable solution that can be scaled as their needs evolve.”

U.S. Pricing and Additional Information:


Single channel 14.5 Gb/s Programmable Pattern Generator. Starting at $34,990


Four channel 14.5 Gb/s Programmable Pattern Generator. Starting at $75,990


Single channel 14.5 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Tester. Starting at $45,490


Four channel 14.5 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Tester. Starting at $95,990

More information can be found at www.SmarTest.us.com

Visit booth 3388 at OFC 2014, to experience a live product demonstration.

About SmarTest:

SmarTest is a privately owned, Santa Clara based Company, incorporated in 2011 by a group of test industry professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in measurement companies.  The Company aims to deliver the most innovative  “best in class” test solutions on the market.

PR Contact:

Angela Guevara

SmarTest LLC

2005 De La Cruz Blvd, Suite 195

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Email:  angela.guevara@smartest.us.com