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Closed Captioning and Video Description provided by Dicapta for Semillitas, the children’s channel

PRESS RELEASE: MIAMI, Florida (12/5/2013)- Semillitas announced the addition of Closed Captioning (CC) and Video Description (VD) in Spanish to the animation of the channel, which will make it possible for children or parents with visual or hearing disabilities to enjoy and share a safe entertainment that seeks to unite the family. The Closed Captioning (CC) and Video Description (VD) will be provided by Dicapta, dedicated to providing these services since 2001. 

Video Description delivers narration of key visual elements during pauses of dialogue so that people with visual disabilities may comprehend television programs. Closed Captioning is text over the video that contains any audio information belonging to the original production, to provide those with hearing disabilities access to audible information. According to recent studies, CC can also improve comprehension, fluency and literacy skills also in children without disabilities watching the Semillitas programming since they will learn to recognize the written form of the words.  It can also be used as a tool for those learning to read, learning to speak Spanish or in an environment where the audio is difficult to hear.

Luis Villanueva, CEO and President of SOMOSTV, said, “Semillitas’ mission is to work in conjunction with parents and to unify the family in a safe and secure educational environment. These innovative options help meet our performance goal, we are delighted to offer families the opportunity to enjoy and get full access to our kids channel. We have taken great care in preserving the characteristics of our programming, by adapting to Closed Captioning and Video Description, to maintain their quality and Dicapta has given us a great service in this regard.”

“It is an honor for us to be working with Semillitas. There is a great need for literacy resources for children with limitations from preschool ages until primary school. Having a resource with such high quality in both entertainment and education, will undoubtedly make a difference in our community,” said Maria Diaz, CEO of Dicapta.

About Semillitas: “Semillitas” is a toddlers and preschoolers Pay TV channel that programs Spanish language animation, 24 hours a day, and is produced and distributed by SOMOSTV.  SOMOSTV is a company devoted to the development and promotion of pay TV in the US Hispanic market and Puerto Rico through the launch of TV channels and the distribution of all types of made for TV content in all platforms with technical and creative excellence.

About Dicapta: Dicapta is a full service media accessibility company that specializes in the design and implementation of technological solutions for accessible media by providing individuals that have hearing and visual disabilities and/or language barriers with an opportunity to have equal access to information. Dicapta’s services include dubbing and captioning for live and pre-recorded programs, subtitling, video description, language customization, audio books, and audio recording services.