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Self-published Epic Novel Slated for Production with Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.

Author Geo Ivery tops the charts with sales of more than 190,000 copies of Soulstream: The Mancer Epic and garners the attention of Hollywood producers seeking the next “big thing”

San Francisco, CA (February 4, 2014) – Author Geo Ivery knows a good thing when he sees one. This self-publishing maverick declined traditional publishing routes, deciding instead to keep the premier of his nine-book, sci-fi/fantasy epic Soulstream under his exclusive control. That decision paid off for the author/publisher who released Soulstream: The Mancer Epic, the first book in the series, through Xlibris in November 2013. In just 15 months, Ivery has sold more than 190,000 of the title through Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, and various online bookstores in the United States, Europe, and Australia. And he’s just getting started.

The dedication of Ivery’s extensive fan base and the author’s smashing self-published success has drawn the attention of Evolution Entertainment’s Mark Burg. Ivery and Burg soon began a series of meetings in 2013 to discuss the future of this promising epic on the big screen. “When I first got ahold of this book, I immediately knew that Ivery’s work would be the most exciting thing to hit mainstream ever,” says Burg. “ I can’t wait to begin production on his films!””
-Mark Burg, Evolution Entertainment Producer of SAW

The rich stories in Ivery’s Soulstream universe have led producers to look at possibilities past the traditional Hollywood treatments with spin-off TV series, video games and even graphic novels – all of which appeal to Ivery’s extensive background as a graphic novel ghostwriter, computer game designer and professional graphic artist. 

In the Soulstream universe, Ivery has bridged world mythologies with modern technology. These books are teeming with a diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses, sages and shapeshifters, witches and warriors to create a unique view of the world both familiar and yet fresh.

“The Soulstream is the thread of energy that ties us all together – the thing that is the root of all fantasy, imagination and personal power,” says Ivery. He is not alone in his belief. Philosophers throughout the ages have given it many names – the collective unconscious, the akashic records, the invisible world, heaven. “It is very much alive and within us all,” Ivery says. “People have given it many names, but in my universe it’s called the Soulstream.”

The first book in the series, Soulstream: The Mancer Epic, follows the initiation of several seemingly ordinary teenagers who discover they were gods in earlier lifetimes. Called Mancers, these teens embark on a race against time to save others like them from being hunted and killed by Ozone, a secret society that wants them to only exist in mythology. Wielding strange powers from the Soulstream, the Mancers find themselves enmeshed in an extraordinary war – the outcome of which will determine the fate of the world. Rave reviews of Ivery’s extraordinary approach to the supernatural have added to the ever-increasing fan base of the incredibly diverse Soulstream universe. 

“Bold, riveting and replete with stunning action, Soulstream: The Mancer Epic is a tour de force that opens the door to epic adventures and magnificent worlds possible only in the most exquisite fiction.” – Amanda Kerr, GoodReads Librarian

“A great read for anybody!  Now that all the players have been introduced, I can’t wait to see where this leads! After talking a bit with the author, you can look for VERY big things coming from him.” — Top of the Heap Reviews

“Ivery essentially whets the palette with enough that the reader is not left befuddled, nor with the sense of putting down a Britannica article on ‘the origins of heraldic imagery.’ A healthy balance to say the least. Given what I’ve seen so far from Ivery, I’m quite optimistic that the follow-ups in the Soulstream series will bring even more flesh to the many layers suggested here.” — JP Bowman (Fantascize.com)

Adding to the buzz, Ivery has recently announced the upcoming summer release of the second book in the series – Soulstream: Return of the Witchbreed. The author is also currently at work on book three, Soulstream: Chronicles of Jreamers, which is scheduled to be released this winter.  

Press Contact: Geo Ivery; e-mail address: geo_ivery@yahoo.com
Web address: www.soulstreamepic.com.