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Save the Planet with GooHoo, the new game launching on iOS today

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/26/14 — GooHoo the new game by Evil Twin Artworks launches today on the App store. 

What is different about the game is GooHoo has to defeat giant robots rampaging across the city (same old so far.) but he is tiny enough to climb inside each one and shut it down from the inside before they destroy the everything.

You play the eponymous top-secret radio-controlled microscopic super-weapon fighting in the war against giant killer robots. The robots are the workforce of the city who have mysteriously gone on the rampage.

Check out the trailer here;


The 15 giant robots, 4 UFOs and 4 Robo dogs that comprise the threat in the main city in game have several levels inside each, ensuring rich and varied gameplay. 

GooHoo’s task is made more difficult by the puzzle’s within each robot, finding the way through the maze of wires is only the first step.

There are the deadly digital wasps who are activated on GooHoo’s entrance. Each wasp will hunt down GooHoo and will try to shoot him with their stings if they can. Not only are there wasps but there are also lasers trying to seek out and destroy any foreign body that has entered the robots, and Goohoo is top of their target list. 

Some areas are easier to get to than others. Some areas are protected by huge shields that GooHoo must try and find out how to shut down, some areas require the draining of the Robot’s oil before Goohoo can progress. The combinations create endless possibilities.

There is also a greater mystery for Goohoo to solve. Each robot served a purpose on the planet, some were teachers, some were builders and doctors, some were post bots, and some were traffic bots. How robots like this that were previously non-violent, were suddenly gifted with advanced weaponry and lasers that can destroy everything in their path no one can explain.

To aid in the quest, GooHoo also has the help of the Professor who created him. The Professor gives GooHoo advice and helps him along the way. There is also Flynn the flying helicopter that takes GooHoo from one giant robot to the other and ensures that he is rescued once the robot starts to self destruct. 

There is also another threat, UFOs have been spotted across the city and some believe that it is no coincidence that their appearance has coincided with the robots breaking down and trying to take over everything. 

GooHoo doesn’t have long to save the day, he must destroy all 15 robots, four UFOs and Robo dogs in order to save the city and only you can help him.

This is a platform game with a difference. 


  • Over 15 giant robots to destroy, containing a multitude of levels.
  • Unlock Robot Dogs and UFO levels.
  • The first release contains over 100 levels inside the robots, more coming soon!
  • A large variety of achievements to complete. 

Link to presspack: http://eviltwinartworks.com/Press.zip

Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goohoo/id602069428?ls=1&mt=8

Device requirements:

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

Requires iOS 5.