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Rotolight shines in Tom Hanks ‘Captain Phillips’ Feature

PRESS RELEASE (10/18/2013) – ‘Captain Phillips’ starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Keener, and Directed by Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone, United 93) is receiving rave reviews, released this weekend October 18th.  But did you know it was lit by a multi award winning light by Rotolight, the innovative company based at Pinewood film studios England.   It out shone and our performed all other lights in its field and as a result was used to light the close quarters environment of the orange lifeboat in this movie.   The lighting create the tension and mood so necessary for the films story. It’s unique properties and size offered enormous flexibility for the Director.   The light is ideal for many uses and is really inexpensive, making it ideal for smart tech savvy Americans and enthusiasts to rush out and buy.   Well if its good enough for Tom Hanks ‘Captain Philips’ and Daniel Craig’s ‘Skyfall’……..enough said already!

 Ten Rotolight’s were chosen for use on the feature by Barry Ackroyd, BAFTA winner and Oscar nominated Cinematographer for ‘Hurt Locker’ (2008), which beat James Cameron’s Avatar to 6 Oscars including ‘Best Picture’. Ackroyd chose the Rotolight RL48’s for their unrivalled portability and versatility on set, as chief lighting gaffer, Harry Wiggins (Rush, The Iron Lady, Green Zone) explains:-

“We shot Captain Phillips on different ships all over the world and there was one light we always took with us – the Rotolight. Perfectly-sized and with a built-in gel kit, it was my get-out-of jail card and always right there on my belt. “It was neat, punchy and saved time by the bucket load: small enough to hide behind an existing fitting to boost it, powerful enough to key on it’s own. When we wanted that little bit extra, wherever we wanted it and at whatever temperature we wanted it – clunk! Rotolight.”

Digging a little deeper the Rotolight company have also launched a flood light the ‘Anova 2’ with WiFi which can be controlled by an App that replaces the need for a $20,000 mixing desk for just a few dollars.  Also happens to be winning wards…is there no end.  Totally and utterly amazing! 

So who is Rotolight?  They are a  world leader in LED Lighting technology, Rotolight Ltd, is a small by highly innovative family run company based at Pinewood Film Studios, England. The Rotolight Magic Eye App and Anova LED Floodlight won the highly prestigious 2013 British Kinematograph, Sound & Television Society (BKSTS) Special Award for Scientific Achievement and Technical Innovation, that has contributed to the advancement of the industries served by the Society, as well as the Cinec Special Award 2012 for Technical Achievement and Innovation.

The Magic Eye App by Rotolight is a creative lighting control Application for the ANOVA LED Flood light that provides a simple ‘DMX Console’ user interface and advanced feature set enabling wireless remote control of brightness, colour temperature and systems settings via iPhone or iPad devices. The ‘Magic Eye HD’ lighting controller App has also recently been updated to version 2.1 for the iPad and will control up to 256 ANOVA’s wirelessly, giving filmmakers a powerful yet incredibly compact mobile lighting control system for location shoots.

The Magic Eye App includes a world first innovation that allows you to accurately sample both the colour temperature and intensity of ambient light using any iPhone or iPad and wireless transmit and recall settings across the world which the Rotolight ANOVA will then accurately reproduce. This revolutionary technology will enable consistent synchronization of colour both on location and in the studio.  

Whilst a british company, don’t despair these lights are available across the US and with two different price points they cover the enthusiast to the experienced professional.  If they’re good enough for major A list movies then they’ve got to be great! Their App is available from itunes App store.  

Check the company out here: www.rotolight.com    Photo is Rotolight Anova 2.