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Responding To Recent Events in Ukraine, Secure Haze Offers Its Revolutionary Secure Calling, Text, Video and File Sharing Free For 3 Months – Letting Ukrainian Users Communicate Privately Without Being Vulnerable To Snooping.

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Vaduz, Lichtenstein (2/25/2014) – In response to the recent events in Ukraine, Secure Haze is offering Ukrainian users 3 months of free secure service for signing up through March 2014. Secure Haze believes users, and businesses, have the right to keep their communications private – only heard by those they authorize.

The Secure Haze app is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android allowing users to securely and privately communicate across all platforms. Secure Haze features include high quality Voice-Over-IP calling and video, instant messaging and file transfers/sharing. Users of Secure Haze can access secure services with a single account on multiple devices.

Secure Haze’s unique technology allows the highest levels of security and encryption available – military grade at 2048 bit encryption – so you know no one can listen in on your conversations.

Now you can communicate securely from any device anywhere – without being snooped on.

“Secure Haze believes that everyone has the right to keep their communications private, no matter where they are.” said President and CEO of Secure Haze.  “We created the Secure Haze services with the highest levels of encryption for circumstances like we see in Ukraine – to ensure text, voice, video and file sharing would be secure on any device.”

Secure Haze runs over any internet connection, 3G, 4G and WiFi. Anyone with data services on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac can download and start using Secure Haze immediately. Secure Haze iOS is available for download from App Store, Secure Haze Android is available for download from the Play Store, Secure Haze Mac and Windows are available for download from the Secure Haze site at www.SecureHaze.com.

For more information on the promotion, see www.SecureHaze.com/Ukraine.

About Secure Haze

Secure Haze is developing leading edge, secured, encrypted and private peer to peer internet protocol applications that provide communications services for consumers and for business. For more information visit the company’s website at www.SecureHaze.com.

For additional information, contact: pr@SecureHaze.com