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Rare J.D.Salinger photogravure on eBay

25% donated to Friends of the Children  

LIGHTNING RELEASES: PORTLAND,OR. (12/9/2013)- Rare J.D.Salinger limited edition photogravure prints are now available on eBay http://stores.ebay.com/jdsrareprint/ with 25% of the profits being donated to Friends of the Children by photographer Michael McDermott.

As a teenager, McDermott became obsessed with photography. By age 15, he was stringing for United Press International, and at 17 he had Secret Service press credentials. In 1979, Newsweek asked McDermott if he could catch J.D. Salinger on film. After a two-day stakeout, he spotted the writer, acting quickly, McDermott captured a piece of history.

McDermott and his historic photographs star in SALINGER the documentary and are also featured in the Shane Salerno companion book “Salinger”, that hit shelves September 3rd. The movie opens with McDermott reenacting how he made the historic photographs of J.D.Salinger.

With SALINGER the movie coming to PBS in January 2014, as the American Masters 200th episode and bringing more attention to Salinger, McDermott hopes to utilize his Salinger photogravure to raise money and awareness for Friends of the Children.

“In Michael’s words, he calls Friends of the Children, a real life ‘Catcher in the Rye’. Really helping children,” said Karin Zimmer with the non-profit.

McDermott volunteers his talents for the Portland Oregon non-profit Friends of the Children, who provide paid mentors to at risk youth. Providing the most vulnerable children a nurturing and sustained relationship with a professional mentor who teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child to become healthy, productive members of the community.

The 15-by-19.375-inch reproductions were created using photogravure, the richest and most permanent method for printing photographs. John Goodman, the artist credited with keeping the photogravure process alive, created the prints. “I chose this method not only for its quality and beauty, but also because it translates an image created by light into an image drawn by layers of ink,” said McDermott. “It also resembles the printing process used for books and magazines, reflecting the literary importance of the photograph.”

To ensure proper provenance the prints are numbered, signed by the artist, and accompanied by a letterpress printed certificate of authenticity as well as the story of how McDermott shot it. The print and documents are presented in a handcrafted box folio.

“The work being done at Friends of the Children is the real ‘The Catcher in the Rye,'” McDermott said. “It’s saving children.”

Visitors can view the photogravure print and learn how it can be purchased at http://stores.ebay.com/jdsrareprint/


Michael McDermott

(503) 816-0774