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Rahul Gandhi’s forgiveness to Rajiv convicts, will heel New Delhi 84 riots and Godhara Victims

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/21/14 – Los Angeles CA.USA. Martin Sidhu. Harithra, daughter of Nalini and Murugan, convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, made an appeal on Thursday to the former Prime Minister’s son who has questioned the decision to free them. “I am really sorry for Rahul Gandhi, but my parents have regretted enough, they deserve forgiveness.I can understand losing someone you love”. Harithra said in an interview to Indian media.

 Amid a debate over Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s decision to release all seven convicts in the case and the Supreme Court’s stay on the move, while Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal’s thoughts on releasing former Chief Minister Beant Singh’s, convicts, the Non resident Indians, of United States and Canada, who have been vocal with Amnesty International, to ban “Death Sentence” in India, urge Rahul Gandhi to adopt the Heavenly thoughts of the Pope of the Vatican, Bhagwan Ram Chandra who forgave his Father, after returning 14 years of exile, Sikh Guru’s who forgave the Mughals, while sacrificing their lives, to save mankind, forgive the convicts. IOC Gen Secretary requests Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, All Indian Congress President to personally forgive the 7 convicts, which will also help the family Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi,heel the wounds of Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

 Indian Overseas Congress president and former executive member of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, USA, Vikram Bajwa feels “compassion in this case is the need of the Hour, let Rahul Gandhi lead India into a new era of Forgiveness and heeling”, which will also assuage the hatred of the victims of New Delhi 1984 riots and Muslims in the Godhara riots of 2002″. Dr. Ramesh Malhotra phrased the entire statue of convictions as ” against mankind”, especially , when scholars in USA and Canada, endorse Amnesty International, Canada Amnesty and India Amnesty, to bring forgiveness and compassion to the poor.