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Rahul Gandhi as Deputy Prime Minister- Indian Overseas Congress & NRI’s in USA and Canada.

 New Jersey: UPA-2 headed by Prime Minister Dr, Manmohan Singh will enact the “Food Security Bill”, on August 20th, 2013, for the Aam Admi, thus securing Food for India’s Millions. A Government which cares for the Millions of Poor and Children, who are in some states, are the bread earners for their families, besides laws of child labor. China being a Communist Country, forging business relations with the West, is emerging as the Champion in Asia, “Food Security Bill, will put India in the race to become No 1 Country in Asia”, said Indian Overseas Congress General Secretary Sunil Malhotra, at their monthly meeting in New Jersey.

FIAUS Members and Executive, NRI’s across USA are full of praise for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who as President of ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMM., requested for an ordinance for this historic Bill. Indo-Canadian Associations wish to contribute to the “Food security Bill”, by asking the Prime Minister to introduce an amendment, so NRI’s can contribute Dollars , towards this program for India’s poor.

IOC President Vikram Bajwa strongly feels, Rahul Gandhi should be inducted as Deputy Prime Minister on August 20th, to highlight the achievements of UPA-II, including the “Food Security Bill”. A resolution to be forwarded to AICC-Congress Working Comm., was passed by the Executive of Indian Overseas Congress, to induct Rahul Gandhi as Deputy Prime Minister of India, with comparisons of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen Harper, who headed their countries in early 40’s.

In a NRI-Poll conducted by IOC, across USA and Canada, for Rahul’s induction was approved by 78 %, within the last 4 week period.