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Rahul Gandhi Abolish Rajya Sabha, Vikram Bajwa Indian Overseas Congress

Ottawa Canada. Renu Jaitley.  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, recently booted all 32 Liberal Senators out of his party’s national caucus, terming it the most significant and concrete action ever to reform the Canadian Political system, said ” Canadian want an elected Senate, not a better unelected Senate. Indian Overseas Congress executive met with the Liberal, Member Parliament and Senators to exchange ideas in Canadian and India Political system. IOC President Vikram Bajwa endorsed Justin Trudeau vision of Canada, sending a request to Vice President Rahul Gandhi to abolish the Rajya Sabha of India, which is similar in nominations to Canada Senate, where Political parties nominate their members with extreme patronage and partisanship, which makes them powerful, negative force. It reinforces the Prime Minister’s power instead of checking it, for abuses.

India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is also a member of Rajya Sabha, “time has come to change the India”, said Dr. Mahesh Patel, of FIIA. Young leaders like Rahul Gandhi should reinvigorate the Congress Party and abolishing the Rajya Sabha, will lead to massive changes for the ‘Aam Admi”, where only elected representatives, Member Parliament would decide on all Bills and India’s course of action in the World.

“We have requested Congress President Sonia Gandhi to hold a Congress Working Committee meeting to discuss the Abolish Rajya Sabha”, issue, before the General Elections”, said Secretary Sunil Malhotra.

NRI’s in Canada, USA, U.K, Malaysia have questioned the functioning of the Rajya Sabha, which was adopted by the British, when they could not contest or win the trust of the Voters. India’s National elections are slated for May 2014, with Aam Aadmi Party, B.J.P., Third Front and Congress in a four corner contest, “so the party which understands and envisions the drastic changes needed will govern India”, said Overseas BJP Spokesman Jay Modi.