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Punjab Progressive Summit success advise to Sukhbir Badal by IOC President Vikram Bajwa, Offer Nuke Energy.

Seattle. WA. Dilip Sinha. NRI’s of Punjab applaud Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal , while implementing Punjab Progressive Summit on the advise of Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa, in August 2013, when Sukhbir Badal had to cancel his visit to Canada, to showcase Punjab to NRI’s and Foreign Investors, on the treat perception created by Khalistan Activists, in Toronto, Calgary and Surrey B.C. Vikram Bajwa had advised the Deputy Chief Minister, to first Invite Indian Industrial Houses to Punjab and solicit their support for Investments in Punjab, before he makes a visit to United States or Canada.

US-India Commerce Association, President Mr. Gautam Patel, Canada-India Foundation CEO Mr. Jay Mittal, both acknowledged the fact, Punjab seems to be heading in the Right direction. Not too long ago a delegation of NRI’s involving FIA , US -Business Association, Punjab NRI Foundation, had offered to set up a Nuclear Energy Plant in Amritsar, which was overlooked by the Deputy Chief Minister, in his first term, which continues to be the need of the hour of Punjab.

Both Dr. Romesh Japra and InnAm Inc. Ceo Vikram Bajwa, had approached a Texas Nuke Energy group, to set up a plant in Amritsar, Punjab for all energy needs of the State, while exporting it to Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal, Haryana, Gujarat and even offer to sell to Pakistan. Both were hailed by the media as ” Sons of the Soil”.

“Since Sukhbir has matured to understand our potential, we will offer the same plans to Punjab Government on Parvasi day in January 11, 2014, said Vikram Bajwa, lets see if they can comprehend the futuristic approach on energy, jobs and economy of the State. Dr. Romesh Japra has always supported charitable work in California and Punjab and reminds Sukhbir of his promise to make Punjab as California of India, which can not be achieved by mere words, strong economic action is the need of the hour, or Badal’s will be wiped out as Chief Minsiter Shiela Dikshit of Delhi.