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Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Happy 81st Birthday wishes Indian Overseas Congress.

New York , Alice Wright. Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh and his delegates were warmly Welcomed to UN by Ambassador Rao, NRI’s. President Obama and Dr. Manmohan Singh, in their meeting will discuss Nuclear Energy, Politics in Asia, Afghanistan withdrawal, to enhance the partnership, into the next level.

Dr. Manmohan Singh will also be meeting Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, with open files on the table, matters concerning Terrorism, 26/11, Trade and Jammu & Kashmir, which will be the Highlight, of this 2013 New York, UN Session.

Indian Overseas Congress, FIA, AAPIA, NFIA, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, GOPIO and 38 NRI Organizations, Welcomed Dr. Manmohan Singh to US.  Indian Overseas Congress, prepared a Memorandum to be presented to the Prime Minister of India  Dr. Singh, on behalf of Non-Resident Indian’s, residing in the United States of America, which cover demands and suggestion, to the UPA Government. IOC.Gen. Secretary Sunil Malhotra, while , elaborating the Memorandum topics, concerned, highlighted the importance of “Dual Citizenship”, with Voting Rights, a unfulfilled demand promised by the Prime Minister, on Parvasi Divas 2010. “NRI’s demand Dual Citizenship, like USA, Canada, Italy, with Voting rights, not merely a Person of India Origin Card, which has failed, since its inception, thus low numbers to register with Election Commission of India”.

IOC President Vikram Bajwa, while Wishing 81st Birthday to Dr. Manmohan Singh, requests him to introduce a bill in Parliament to ‘Abolish Death Penalty in India”, as demanded by Amnesty International. ” We look forward to a fruitful, historic week with Dr. Manmohan SIngh, which will cover a wide range of Topics, with President Obama and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, including Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen Harper, on the Quebec Charter”, said Bajwa.