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PriceMDs.com Selected by Zacks Private as Marquis Crowd Funding Offering

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Tampa FL (3/14/2014) – PriceMDs.com the fastest growing Medical Practitioners/Patient search engine, is pleased to announce that Zacks Private selected PriceMDs.com as a Marquis Crowd Funding Offering;  Zacks Private is the Premier Alternative Investment Resource Website.  Zacks Private offers access to more than 30,000 alternative investments including hedge funds, private equity funds and the latest opportunities in real estate, oil & gas and venture capital funds. Zacks Private makes it easy to search and discover direct investment opportunities in healthcare, biotechnology, social media, manufacturing, finance and other industries. Visit www.zacksprivate.com to view offerings.

The Company’s Chairman and CEO, Marc Grossman MD, stated, “PriceMDs.com is pleased to announce being selected by Zacks Private as a marquis crowd funding offering.  Zacks Private is the foray of the influential Zacks financial services into exciting crowd funding space. Pricemds.com welcomes accredited investors to view our disruptive technology designed to bring transparency, affordability, availability and quality to health care.”

PriceMDs.com is disruptive technology that will change the way Medical Procedures and Services are shopped, searched and compared by consumers.

PriceMDs.com is a search engine for elective healthcare procedures and services. PriceMDs.com, Inc. through its proprietary website and patent pending search engine provides customers comprehensive price discovery for out patient surgery, cosmetic surgery, GI Lab, LASIK, dental implants, Medi-Spa, MRI/CT Scan, Chiropractic, and a host of other medical procedures, as well as International medical services particularly for inpatient procedures that are cost competitive and compatible with US standards. The Company PriceMDs.com is currently located in Tampa Florida and the company’s website is PriceMDS.com


Nick Tsolakakis