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Premier Christy Clark should not appeal BC Supreme Court, B.C.T.F., ruling-Vikram Bajwa

 Surrey BC. Jenny Qui. Justice Susan Griffin said in her B.C.Supreme Court judgement that the Government must pay damages for extending to the end of June 2013, changes to collective bargaining that she had already ruled unconstitutional.

The legal fight with B.C.Teachers Federation began in 2002, when the liberals enacted laws to give schools flexibility in organizing classes. That legislation, Bill 28 , removed class-size limits and class composition from the collective bargaining process.

A court battle after 9 years found the Governments\’s action in 2011 to have violated teachers constitutional rights, including long lasting effects in B.C. Education system.

“Times of India awards were paid over $ 11 Million dollars, which could have gone to B.C. Teachers Federation”, said Vikram Bajwa, president of Indian Overseas Congress and former Surrey Mayoral Candidate. Susan Thompson a retired Teacher, questions the logic of appeal by Premier Christy Clark, while B.C. Education has become the worst in Canadian Provinces, due to Liberal policy and “political fight”, with B.C.T.F.
Justice Griffin rejected all Government arguments for the delay and ruled out that the negotiations were not held in good faith during 2012 school year. Richmond teachers strongly feel the present “adamant” Premier will hurt the B.C. Schools, especially minority Indo-Canadian, Chinese Canadian students, by regularly provoking strikes for the next few years.

Premier Christy Clark, should acknowledge the Government failures, pay the $ 2 Million fine and move ahead with other important issues, concerning the Economy and Jobless graphs, in British Columbia, is the wise words, of 16 year old Zeiya Gill, of Cedar Hill, Surrey B.C.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender has failed to make any apology on NDP education critic Rob Fleming calling the judgement ” an indictment of the Government’s last 10 years on the education file”. Liberal member Sukh Sidhu, condemns the minister’s comments on reviewing the judgement , making the education in B.C. the lowest rank in Canada.

“This is the beginning of the end of Liberals in B.C.”, said John Stewart of BCTF.