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PPCC Congress PPP , Alliance with plans for Partap as Chief Minister, Manpreet Deputy in Punjab, ,NRI’s, Vikram Bajwa

Toronto Ont. Manjit Bhullar. The PPCC President Parat Bajwa and PPP President Manpreet Badal, formally announced an alliance, granting rights to PPP to contest against the formidable Badal clan of Punjab, known as the “Gandhi’s of Punjab”. Punjab will see a direct political fight between a cousin Manpreet and wife Harsimrat of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal.

PPP allies so far, the CPI, the CPM and SAD-Longowal headed by Mrs. Surjit Kaur Barnala, stayed away from the “ceremony”, amid signs of more PPCC tie-ups, with an eye on the next Punjab State Elections. Punjab has only 14 Lok Sabha Seats, so it does not sway any political power in the formation of National Government in New Delhi.

Since 1947 Punjab’s share in the National Government has been only with 1 or 2 Lok Sabha Members, either it was BJP, Congress or Third Front. The significance of PPCC-PPP , alliance has made the NRI’s jubilant in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, New York and New Jersey. Now NRI’s see an opposition to SAD-BJP, rule in Punjab, whereas earlier they were unable to match the “wits and money” of the Badal Clan, said PPP NRI Executive Harmohinder Singh of Los Angeles.

Deputy Chief Minister Sukbir Badal, while addressing a poll campaign in Faridkot, for Paramjit Kaur Gulshan, remarked “Badal-Modi duo will double the pace of development in Punjab”, while PPCC-PPP campaign will be based on the “Drug menance, unemployment, false political cases and the under- development, economy of the state”. Capt. Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab has repeatedly questioned the role of Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on Operation Bluestar, will also dog the Akali-BJP Government, during the Lok Sabha Elections.

NRI’s in United States, Canada, U.K., Australia are in a mode of opposing the SAD-BJP Government on all fronts, due to failures of the NRI-Policies of the Punjab Government, claimed Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa. PPCC PPP, Partap and Manpreet alliance has set the ball in motion for Partap Bajwa as Chief Minsiter and Manpreet Badal as Deputy Chief Minister of the next Government of Punjab, is the majority opinion of , recently concluded NRI-Phone Poll, by NRI Poll USA., where 78% NRI’s one way or the other are showing their Anti-SAD-BJP Govt, feelings, due to their short comings. Tejinder Cheema of SAD (Longowal), relative of Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, has decided to campaign for PPCC-PPP Alliance, with calls to President Mrs. Surjit Kaur Barnala, to form an alliance with Congress, on the same pattern as PPP.

NRI Poll, for Punjab has endorsed 9 seats for Congress and 5 Lok Sabha seats for SAD-BJP, despite claims by both SAD President Sukhbir Badal and PPCC President Partab Bajwa, claiming a complete sweep of in Punjab. Overseas BJP member Sanjiv Goel is convinced, if Navjot Sidhu does not contest from Amritsar, then BJP will also loose the Gurdaspur Parliamentary seat, earlier held by Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna. 

NRI Daljit Sandhu of New York, an old friend of Manpreet Badal, feels Manpreet has been made the sacrificial Lamb, for Lok Sabha, but would be rewarded as Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, in the next State Government, “he cannot win against Harsimrat, Badal and Majitha Clan”, unless Adesh Partap Singh Kairon, brother-in-law of Sukhbir, supports Manpreet”, said Sandhu, who knows the inside dimensions of the Badal Family.