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“Power Of Perseverance”

PRESS RELEASE (10/23/2013) – Within the pages of Polly sanders-Peterson”s new book, Power Of Perseverance,$10.99, paperback,  9781626975668 $5.99, e-book, 9781626975675) readers will come to know God as caring, loving and all-knowing, as well as desiring intimacy, fellowship, and a relationship with all of His chidren. The author hopes to encourage her readers to lean on Christ and obey His Living Word completely because He will never give up, even when times get difficult.

My prayer is all who read “Power of Perseverance” will develop a one-on-one love relationship with their Father God and come to know that He is love and that His love is Power, “states the author. “He knows our hearts, situations and needs, and God alone can change our circumstances and give us the Power to persevere.”

Christ revealed His unconditional love to Polly Sanders-Peterson through her struggles, losses and her need to be loved. She is still learning to trust God and knows there is victory when her will and God’s will are aligned. “Power Of Perseverance” is the true account of how she came to know the Lord. After much discouragement, depression and despar, she was able to competly surrender to God’s love. The author hopes her book will help readers to develop a personal relationship with Jesus in Today’s society where many are disconnecting from the Church.

“Power Of Perseverance” @ www.amazon.com / www.barnesandnoble.com  or Retailers @ www.xulonpress.com/bookstore

Contact Polly@ 1 800 584 0885 or ppsministries@msn.com