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POSH365 Products Chosen For Grammys Celebrity Gift Bags

POSH365 Products  Chosen For Grammys  Celebrity Gift Bags

LIGHTNING RELEASES: IRVINE, Calif. (1/27/2014) — POSH365.com, a curated modern & rustic home & gifts e-commerce website founded by women entrepreneurs, recently had some of its specially designed products featured in the 2014 Grammys P&E Celebrity Gift Bags.

The featured products chosen to be given to various celebrities and attendees were the BUSTER and MITTENS pillow sets, and they are now available for purchase on the Posh365.com site


Per their site descriptions, the Buster and Mittens pillow sets are: soft and cute decor for the bed or table. They come with name tags with horoscope and birthplace.  

The company’s co-founder Christina Young, was pleased to get the site’s products connected with the Grammys organization.  “One of the Grammys representatives had seen a news article on us,” she said. “They thought our curated posh and modern/rustic product selection would resonate well with their Grammy’s audience and  they contacted us for the special promotion opportunity. They were looking for unique products to share with their select audience, and we worked hard to deliver a special design concept that was very well received.,” she said.

The Mittens and Buster collection, which were made in the USA, was  inspired  by Young’  love of adorable characters and cartoons while growing up.  “Many people have a soft spot for something cute and adorable. They have always been in doodles and sketches for the last 10 years and was hoping one day they would become real products.”

Along with the pillow set, online shoppers at Posh365.com can also access a range of over 500 specially picked products for the living room, kitchen and bathroom.  Most products come with deep discounts, and the  site features an ongoing free shipping offer on orders over $75. The company’s Refer-A-Friend Incentive reward referrers with $10 in credits for their purchases on POSH365.

About POSH365

POSH365 curators, with diverse backgrounds in fine arts, design, and theater, scout for unique home products with creative stylish home decor such as chic wall art, minimalist clocks, shabby chic bird cage decor, whimsical mustache pacifiers, rustic industrial lighting, mid-century modern chairs, and contemporary furniture. POSH365 features unique modern & rustic home goods at great prices to their members. POSH365 offers free shipping over $75, price match guarantee, and 30 day easy return policy. POSH365’s motto is to Celebrate Life in Style!  www.POSH365.com

For further information, please contact Concierge@POSH365.com.

Media Contact: Christina Young, POSH 365, Inc., 626-758-2176, C.young@posh365.com