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Pop Musician Joshua Micah Featured in Valentine’s Day Contest on Video Dating App Instamour

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/11/14- Instamour, the Philadelphia-based mobile app sensation, has announced that it is teaming with local pop star Joshua Micah this Valentine’s Day to celebrate both the one-year anniversary of Instamour’s founding as well as the upcoming release of Micah’s new single “We’re in Heaven”, which will be released to the public on Valentine’s Day.   Joshua Micah is one of the most sought-after members on Instamour’s rapidly growing video dating app as well as a fan of the company. He agreed to be a part of the contest where he will choose one female from her video profile on Instamour to accompany him on a date in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Also to celebrate the launch and national holiday, Instamour will sponsor a Pajama Party at the Draught Horse on Temple University’s campus on Saturday, February 15th where Joshua will be performing selections from his new album.

Regarding the instant appeal of Instamour’s platform, Joshua stated, “I think it’s cool that people can record videos and actually have them serve a meaningful purpose.  I use video apps all the time, and while that is great for sharing, the conversation normally ends there.  Instamour allows people to take the next step, and engage in secure, private conversations and even meet in person if they choose to, and they never have to give out personal data until they are fully ready to take that step...” 

Instamour has released new versions of its iPhone app and Android app, that include seamless communication between users of either platform, leading to 200% monthly growth rates.  VP of Marketing Kristin LaSalle states, “Our growing user base is proof that people want something new, and that we know how to deliver on that.  When members send us feedback, we listen.” 

User feedback confirms Instamour’s confidence in its growth.  According to Instamour member David Reistad, “Finally, I can have a faceto-face conversation with a girl before driving to a restaurant, paying to park and for a $60 meal only to find out the girl is not my type.”

Based out of Philadelphia, Instamour, is gaining ground with thousands of people downloading the app all around the world, while the largest base resides in its home area, the Tri-State area.   The app is free to use and is currently available on the Apple App store, and is now available on the Google Play marketplace

About Instamour: Instamour is the next evolution of technology-based dating, enabling the shift from static online pictures/text to a real-time audio-video experience which enables real relationships in real-time. The issues which have plagued online daters for decades (out-of-date profiles, security issues, hit-and-miss communications process) are dissolved with Instamour’s approach which leverages full-spectrum video and sound profiles right on your smart phone, secure instant chat, virtual phone calling, and secure video chat in real-time.  The app is free to users, and available now on the Apple iTunes App Store, as well as the Google Play Store.