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Pete Freeland, Producer of the New Drama, “Burden of Freedom” Helps to Launch IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Complete Film and Raise Awareness About it’s Critical Message on the Effects of PTSD

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/05/14 — The purpose of this campaign is to socialize globally the importance and magnitude of the premise of the film “Burden of Freedom,” which reveals the difficulties caused by PTSD, and its devastating effect on the American military men and women, their families, and friends. The damage to Americans as a result of this issue is nothing short of disastrous, and could have a long lasting and negative impact into the foreseeable future. In addition, this campaign seeks your support and financial contribution toward the cause, which will enable the filmmakers to accomplish production of this hugely important, epic, and dramatic film.

Pete Freeland is Burden of Freedom’s Supervising Producer and also plays Major Mike Johnson in the film. Pete has made headlines for various films, but also as an actual rocket scientist who helped design, build and maintain the space shuttles, including the Endeavour Space Shuttle which made its final arrival that led to nationally televised interviews regarding his involvement.  Lately Freeland has been capturing fans with his recent roles in film and television: The lead in The Ten: Vain also starring John Ratzenberger, Robyn Lively and Eric Roberts due out soon in theatres; a supporting Role in Visible Scars, starring Tom Sizemore; opposite Adam Levine in the MTV/Grammy Nominated Payphone Maroon 5 video in which he attended the VMA’s; recurring Co-Host of Spike-TV/Speed Channel’s Car Science and a Principal Role in one of the hottest 2013 Super Bowl spots for Taco Bell.  Most recently, Pete hosted one of the 86th Annual Academy Awards preshow segments for the nationally syndicated RoKu/Blip TV Network show, Studio 3 Hollywood UpClose. Freeland is keenly interested in Burden of Freedom for various personal reasons as.  As a combat veteran, he can relate to what his fellow veterans are going through, and this film provides a way to help those that cannot help themselves.  He is passionate about this project, and will work to keep the story real and relatable to veterans from all conflicts.

“Burden of Freedom,” is the story of Captain Brian Daniel (played by Kyle Hester), of the famed 101st Airborne Division, the “Screaming Eagles”, who fought with his men in the battle of Najaf, Iraq only to come home to a different kind of battle…this film will help spread awareness of PTSD in a compelling and dramatic way,” says the film’s Supervising Producer, Pete Freeland.

This film follows two veterans of the Iraq war through their experiences both in the military and after they have returned to civilian life – only to find that their lives have been changed forever by PTSD.  This project represents not only a unique film with wide appeal, but it will also serve to communicate to the public the issues associated with PTSD.  In a recent news article regarding the veterans from the Vietnam war, it was noted that they have a suicide rate 3 times higher than the general population – they need help, and this film will not only help these veterans, but also those currently returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The cast and crew are made up of seasoned film industry personnel, and several of them are veterans of this conflict, and can offer a unique sense of realism to the production.  This is the right time and place for a film like this, and in addition to earning revenue & recognition, it is quite likely this film will save lives in the future thru awareness of PTSD.

Burden of Freedom is a grass roots film in which the producers are looking to raise approximately 20% (250,000) of their overall film budget.  Information on the on the film and how to contribute can be found on their IndieGoGo campaign page as well as details on the IMDB listing and progress can be followed on the Burden of Freedom Official Twitter account.

“If, after over 3 years of tirelessly working hundreds of late evenings and into the early mornings, with phone calls, meetings, more writing and reaching out to thousands of people – if after all of that, we can somehow, someway, in some form, help save at least one life, through our message of hope contained within our film…It will have ALL been worth it……Every bit of it,” stated by Ken Ramoz, Screenwriter for Burden of Freedom.

Interviews and publicity can be scheduled through Pete Freeland’s PR Team: 323-300-5368, miranda@mirandaspigener.com.